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A robust tracking and security solutions provider

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Brickhouse Security is a trusted brand, offering a diverse range of solutions, but its online presence lets the side down somewhat.


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    Wide variety of services offered

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    Free demo

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    Used by many Fortune 500 companies


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    No reviews on Better Business Bureau

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    Social media accounts not very active

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Brickhouse Security is a New York-based company that offers GPS fleet tracking services. Founded in 2005, the company offers various security and tracking solutions. A trusted brand in the US, Brickhouse Security offers services to some 80% of Fortune 500 companies, along with over 2,500 government agencies. Furthermore, the firm also counts over 60,000 companies globally as its clients.

Brickhouse Security sells a wide variety of tracking hardware including GPS trackers, surveillance cameras and other security systems. These products are plug-and-play vehicle tracking devices, as well as advanced hardware and software solutions depending on business requirements.

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While Brickhouse Security does not list all its plans and pricing online, it does mention the details of its basic subscription. The basic plan starts at $12.99 per unit per month. Unfortunately, the website does not list any other tiers.

However, Brickhouse offers a free demo for companies to test out its services and products. The fact that it doesn’t charge any activation fee, and that it doesn’t have a minimum contract period are major advantages.

Additionally, Brickhouse Security offers multiple GPS trackers which can be bought from the website. The company offers a lifetime warranty on these tracking devices.

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Brickhouse Security offers smart GPS fleet tracking services which are loaded with features that will likely meet the requirements of most businesses. These solutions not only efficiently track and manage assets on the move, but also help clients to optimize their workforce, fleet, and improve on cost efficiency.

Brickhouse Security’s solution aims at helping clients with:

  • Reducing the number of traffic and compliance violations
  • Reducing fuel expenses by managing routes efficiently
  • Efficiently handling dispatch and scheduling
  • Improving the vehicle’s lifespan
  • Driver safety
  • Training drivers on better driving habits

The company offers a wide variety of customizable reports that include key elements like an efficiency report, vehicle maintenance reports, safety reports, driver scorecards and more. These reports help the key decision-makers with their decisions, helping to optimize fleet operations.

Brickhouse Security offers a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere or any device. The solution can be accessed via the website directly, which hosts two different platforms. TrackView is applicable for clients who joined before October 2019, and customers who signed up after October can log in to the newer LocateGPS dashboard. The company also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The company offers both hardwired as well as battery-powered GPS trackers. These trackers depend on 4G for connectivity.

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The key features of Brickhouse Security are:

  • Real-time tracking: Real-time tracking allows operators to stay in control of the fleet and ensure that drivers are following the assigned route, and assist them in case of any issues. It also keeps them informed about the ETA, traffic status, and any delays. This also allows the operators to dispatch the nearest vehicle to the job site.
  • Reducing costs: Efficiently managing the fleet results in reduced fuel costs, leading to an overall reduction in expenses. Features like geo-fencing ensure that drivers follow the designated route, and detailed reports like an idling report helps identify where fuel is being wasted. Optimizing routes also helps, and drivers often have a favored route which may not always be the most fuel-efficient.
  • ELD compliance: Brickhouse Security offers an ELD compliant tracking solution that helps in reducing penalties during roadside inspections. Electronically recording driver's HoS, vehicle log errors, and more helps in reducing paperwork.
  • Variety of tracking hardware: The company offers a variety of tracking solutions which include both hardwired adhering to compliance requirements, plug and play, and battery-operated trackers. This helps companies optimize hardware costs and helps them install the right tracker based on the vehicle's need.
  • Geo-fencing: While a basic feature with all GPS tracking solutions, Brickhouse Security allows you to create a geo-fence for every asset. Every time an asset enters or exits the designated area, the system alerts the operators instantly. The software by default updates the location once per minute, but the company offers faster update options as well, as a part of higher-priced tiers which are not listed online.
  • Technical support: Brickhouse Security offers free and lifetime technical support for all the hardware it sells. However, it doesn’t specify if the support is only available online, or on-site as well.

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Brickhouse Security’s support team can be reached via a direct helpline, email or SMS. The company has a toll-free number for calls and texts in the US, plus an international helpline and a FAX number. There is a live chat option as well, and both the call center and live chat team is available between 10am to 7pm on weekdays.

The website does have a section called Learning but it does not offer any detailed information about the products on offer. Brickhouse’s social media accounts are not very active either, and its YouTube channel is only updated occasionally, with the last set of videos uploaded three months ago at the time of writing.

Final verdict

Brickhouse Security does have an impressive line-up of customers, including many major businesses, but it's less impressive that the firm's social media and website are not updated regularly.

Brickhouse is accredited by the Better Business Bureau but does not have any reviews on the Bureau. There are just eight complaints on the Better Business Bureau website which is pretty incredible for a company as old and as big as Brickhouse Security.

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