AweSun adds remote desktop support for macOS

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With working from home becoming a more and more common practice during the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are looking for better remote desktop software to facilitate collaboration. 

One of the most popular offerings on the market, AweSun Remote Desktop Software, which already works with Windows, iOS, and Android, has now expanded to bring support to Mac users as well. 

While a relatively new player in the remote desktop game, AweSun is already used on around 120 million devices, thanks in part to features like QR-scanning for sharing mobile screens, a Remote Game mode for playing PC games on your phone, and mirroring for multiple mobile devices.

AweSun update

AweSun’s developers certainly can’t be accused of taking a back seat, with the company’s blog noting that this is only the latest in a flurry of recent updates.

AweSun 1.1, for example, was only released on the 24th of March, adding support for Android and iOS devices. Just a few months later, AweSun 1.5 saw the light of day, with two-way audio, two-factor authentication, and copy and pasting for text and files. In the interim, Android and iOS versions both received updates as well.

Frequent updates are an encouraging sign when it comes to remote desktop applications, especially given the recent rise in cybercrime targeting remote workers, a phenomenon some have labeled a “cyber pandemic.” To this end, AweSun provides multi-factor authentication along with 256-bit AES encryption. Now, macOS users can enjoy the same secure service.

AweSun is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and now macOS, with both free and paid plans.

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