Apple will now let developers compare their apps to rivals

Screenshot of App Store Connect from Apple's website
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple has released a new tool for developers creating apps for its App Stores that allows them to compare their own app’s metrics with those of their peers.

A new dashboard for peer group benchmarks was added to App Analytics in the App Store Connect - a platform for developers to manage their apps across all of Apple’s platforms including iOS and macOS. 

It comes as part of having a developer account with Apple, but it’s not quite as robust as dedicated peer benchmarking tools so may not be enough to take business away from those, just yet.

Peer group benchmarks for Apple apps

“Peer group benchmarks provide powerful new insights across the customer journey, so you can better understand what works well for your app and find opportunities for improvement," an update posted to the Apple Developer website reads.

In order to surface the most relevant competition, Apple says it considers categories, business models, and download volume.

It also promises to maintain a certain degree of privacy using “industry-leading differential privacy techniques” so that rival apps’ performance remains hidden.

Because it forms part of the wider App Store Connect environment, developers can take action with the new metrics to improve things like conversion rates, proceeds, crash rates, and user retention.

There are plenty of other uses for the developer platform, including testing different elements of a product page, gathering feedback on beta versions, and offering in-app events.

While the maker of the iPhone seems to be keen to drip-feed useful products to developers, it hasn’t all been plain sailing for Apple. It has spent many years in and out of the media for controversial app tracking which saw some consumers’ data being shared even when they had asked for it not to be.

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