Apple will no longer bundle this crucial item in some of its new products

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Apple has revealed one key item will be missing from some of its new products going forward - a USB power adapter.

The iPhone and Mac maker revealed the news at its Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE launch event this week, noting that the move was another step in its push to address environmental concerns around its products.

This means that the new Apple Watch devices revealed by the company will not come bundled with a USB power adapter as has been the case in the past.

Apple USB charger

It remains to be seen whether Apple will widen this move to cover some or all of its other products as it continues its environmental push.

The company is widely expected to launch its next smartphone, the iPhone 12, next month, with the latest device rumored to be packaged without a USB power adapter or wired EarPods for the first time.

Apple's move will mean that customers looking for a new or replacement charger will need to buy directly from the company, or one of its approved retail partners. 

This may prove a pricey option for some users, with the current Apple Watch USB-C magnetic charger cable retailing for $29/£29 from the company's online store, and an Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock setting you back $79/£75.

Apple has made several moves towards going green in recent months, and in July 2020 revealed it plans to be carbon neutral by 2030. The company outlined a series of measures designed to reduce the environmental impact of its entire supply chain and operations as part of a ten-year roadmap to reduce emissions by 75 per cent and to develop carbon removal solutions for the remainder of its footprint.

Apple already uses clean energy to power its global facilities and has secured similar commitments from 70 suppliers. In addition to increasing that figure, Apple will also develop low carbon product designs, introduce recycling initiatives, and lower its own electricity needs.

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