5 reasons why you should hire a professional resume builder

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Resumes remain the top tool when it comes to getting a new job. You can write a new resume by yourself, which will cost you nothing. However, it might be wiser to get some assistance from a pro. Today, many terrific online professional resume builders are worth checking out, and there are reasons you should do so. Here are five reasons you should hire a pro to write your resume. 

1. Experience and expertise

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The best professional resume builders have at least two things you do not: experience and expertise. So even if you consider yourself a great writer, the odds are pretty high that you don't often have to write a new resume. Unfortunately, this constraint means you're almost certainly missing out on the latest resume trends experts provide to make resumes stand out. 

This starts with accessing a lengthy list of templates and design options. Regardless of the service, these templates tend to be more robust and cutting-edge and include all the information companies find most important when selecting a candidate. This attention to detail isn't found in basic resume templates, such as those offered in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or other word-processing apps. 

In addition, the templates provided by professional resume builders are proven and have already worked for others looking for a new job. For example, in creating its templates, Resume.com regularly speaks to thousands of employees and employees to find out what folks are looking for in a would-be hire.

The selection of templates also considers the many jobs most likely to be found in the marketplace. Nurses, for example, will need to use templates utterly different than those who seek a career in education.

Beyond templates, choosing a professional resume builder makes it more likely that the finished product is well-written, compelling, error-free, and correctly highlights your skills and experience. Once the process is completed, you can submit your information to the best job sites

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Reader Offer: Free resume analysis
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2. Save yourself some time for little money

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Finding a new job can be an exhilarating process — once one is offered to you. Before this can happen, however, it can be exhausting. From working on a fresh resume to finding jobs to apply for to eventual interviews, seeking a new job, regardless of the reason, takes a lot of time. Working with a professional resume builder can at least take some of that work off your hands. 

A resume builder will take the guesswork out of drafting this critical document. It will do so by helping you better organize your work experience, skills, and education. From there, it will show you the type of resume you need based on the jobs you plan to apply to. 

Perhaps most importantly, the professional resume builder will show you how to present the content in the resume—suggesting keywords, telling you what words to avoid, etc. 

There are paid and free professional resume builders. Even those that cost money are reasonably priced. Better still, most services offer free trials and charge by the month, not the year. There's also the question of document format. Once you create a resume, you can print it or download it to your computer. Most builders allow you to save documents in various forms, including PDF and Microsoft Word. The choice is ultimately yours. 

3. Better chance to stand out

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Countless people apply for new jobs each year. That number grows even higher during economic downturns. Inevitably, you aren't the only person who wants a specific job. You could have the same experience as someone else, but if you don't stand out in various ways, they might get an interview while you do not. 

Professional resume builders know what employers are looking for and know the best ways for you to stand out compared to others. For example, after understanding your skills and how they match the job requirements, the service can help create a document emphasizing those skills. It will also highlight your unique selling points that you probably couldn't do alone. 

One fresh way to stand out is by creating a personal website with your resume and other information. Most professional resume builders now include this option, making converting your resume into a mobile-friendly website seamless. Once your website is created, you can add the address to your application documents for additional exposure. 

4. Get help with cover letters too

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A resume isn't the only required document when applying for a new job. So is a cover letter, which is your chance to tell a recruiter why you want to be considered for a position. Unfortunately, drafting a cover letter sometimes feels like an afterthought for many. A professional resume builder uses the information it already knows about you to help create a powerful cover letter. Along the way, it will present a series of templates to help you stand out. 

The one-page document has one purpose: to better explain to a recruiter how your skills and background match the job. This starts with a solid opening paragraph that's clear, concise — and free of typos. From there, highlight your relevant skills and experience, tying them to the job. Don't simply list these critical points, however. Instead, give specific examples of how you gained these skills and experience. In other words, personalize the letter. 

5. Get the feedback you need

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Feedback is an essential part of the resume-building process. Professional resume builders will carefully analyze your resume and cover letter, look for errors, and offer ways to improve the finished product. Services will also make template suggestions so your design correctly matches the job. This includes recommending different formats, font styles, and sections. 

The job search process doesn't have to be a difficult one. However, hiring a professional resume builder makes sense if you're serious about finding your dream job. These services know what recruiters are looking for and have the tools to make your resume and cover letter stand out. 

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