5 reasons why you should choose Three for your next SIM-free iPhone

Unless you’ve spent the last few weeks trying to grow potatoes on Mars, you will have noticed that Apple recently released its shiny new iPhone range. While the mere mention of new iPhone is enough to get most of the population giddy with glee, this excitement is always slightly tempered when it comes to buying one. That’s because there’s so much choice. 

There are three new models this year (an iPhone 8, it’s bigger sibling the iPhone 8 Plus and the fancy pants, uber stylish, iPhone X). Yes, three! And you’ll have to decide what colour your iPhone should be. And how much storage should you get. Not to mention, it’s highly likely you’ll want a new case. 

Then, of course, there’s the small - read: enormous - choice of what network and SIM-only deal to consider. Well, fear not, for that part at least, Three has got you covered. 

Here are 5 reasons why Three needs to be your next SIM-only deal.

1. Bingewatch, guilt free

You know that movie and music habit you have, the one where you can’t go to sleep without one more episode of Narcos? Well, on Three you can binge until your eyes and ears can’t take it anymore and you won’t use up any of your mobile data allowance. That’s because Three has teamed up with Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer and SoundCloud to give you the ability to stream shows and music infinitely, without making a dent in your data. 

2. When in Rome, roam

Three has something called Feel At Home. No, this doesn’t give you the freedom to strip down to your pants and put your slippers on outside your home (although that does sound amazing) but it does let you relax on holiday knowing that you can use your phone to call and text the UK and use data in 60 destinations around the world including USA, Australia, France, Spain and Brazil. And Rome, let’s not forget Rome, the city that gave birth to our magnificent Rome/roam pun.

3. Data you can rely on

That’s right, Three isn’t like that ‘friend’ that stands you up minutes before you are meant to meet which means you spend the rest of the night nursing a pint, looking at your phone. Three offers data you can really rely on. 

This is because its network is internet led, which means it connects you to 3G or 4G and none of that 2G nonsense. uSwitch took note of this and voted Three the Best Network for Data at the uSwitch mobile awards this year. 

So, if you do find yourself checking your phone because a friend has bailed on you, Three will at least make sure you’ve got something to watch or listen to while you do it.

4. Three offers, er, offers and rewards

(Image credit: Three)

That’s right, jump on to Three and the network will adorn you with regular awards and offers. Not just that, ones you’ll actually want to use. This is thanks to something called Wuntu, an app that is exclusive to Three customers.

5. Unbeatable rates if you fancy going PAYG

Three has unbeatable rates for data in the UK, no matter how often you top up. They’re as low as 3p a minute, 2p a text and 1p per MB. This means that if you choose Three, you can rely on the network to make your credit last that little bit longer.

There you have it, a few reasons why Three should be your next shout if you are going SIM-free for your trendy new iPhone. 

Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the InTouch service that allows you to make calls and text on Wi-Fi, or the 4G Super-Voice tech that kicks indoor blackspots right in the behind, and the fact that Three will replace lost, stolen and damaged phones the next day, thanks to Three Rescue… all great reasons to choose Three!