4 great gaming chairs that will make Christmas more comfortable

(Image credit: ADX, part of Currys PC World)

Whether it be for gaming or back-to-back video calls, we are all spending a lot more time sitting down in our homes right now. As you may have already discovered, any prolonged period of sitting on a chair that’s just not up to the task is, well, a right pain in the ‘you know what’. This is why you need the ultimate gaming chair.

A gaming chair isn’t just about looking cool - although they do this as standard - but it’s an absolute necessity for your sitting sanity. They encourage good posture, with high padding to support the back and neck, and are made from materials that are designed for pure comfort.

If you are going to spend hours sitting, then finding the right gaming chair for your needs is essential. 

With myriad chairs on offer, though, the task of making the right buying choice is a tricky one. Thankfully, Currys PC World is here to help. We’ve hand-picked four of our favourite gaming chairs, each one meticulously made to make sure your mind is on the game in hand and not what you are sitting on. And for added peace of mind, it’s worth knowing that all chairs sold by Currys PC World are tested for UK fire certification.

(Image credit: AROZZI)

1. AROZZI Vernazza Soft Fabric Gaming Chair

Price: £250

You wouldn’t normally associate soft fabric with gaming chairs but AROZZI has done an amazing job with its Vernazza range, creating a chair that is designed to keep you cool, even during long gaming sessions. This gaming chair has been finished in durable and breathable material that’s also been strength tested against any long-term rips or tears. 

It’s got a fantastic lumbar pillow, too, which offers support to your neck and helps with that all-important posture.

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(Image credit: ADX)

2. ADX Race19 Gaming Chair - Orange or Pink 

Price: £150

The ADX Racing Chair is as sleek as it gets in the gaming chair world. It is available in both Orange and Luminous Pink but it’s not just these colours that help it stand out. There are some innovative features, too. The rotating base means you'll have the agility you need when the action gets tough and its adjustable height and back are perfect for those who have a Goldilocks’ complex and need their chair to be just right. 

Whether you are into PC or console gaming, or just fancy a chair for casual computer use, this is the one for you. 

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(Image credit: Corsair)

3. Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair

Price: £250

The Corsair T1 Racing Chair has been designed just like a sports car seat for optimum comfort. ‘Roller skate’ style wheels allow you to glide to victory, while the 3D textured arm rests with 4D adjustment make the T1 perfect for getting right into that comfy position. 

Its steel frame and soft faux leather finish means that the Corsair T1 Racing Chair is durable and comfy, so you're guaranteed that no matter how long your gaming session is, this is the chair for you.

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(Image credit: X Rocker)

4. X ROCKER Veleno JR 2.1 Rocker Gaming Chair


This one is perfect for younger gamers. The X ROCKER Veleno JR 2.1 Rocker Gaming Chair gives you a comfortable and stylish way to play and comes with a brilliant audio surprise. There’s 2.1 audio mounted in the headrest and a subwoofer situated in the backrest, meaning you can rock in the chair and feel more inside the game and its sounds.

Couple this with a design that’s easy to set up and what you have is one of the most comfortable sound systems around, that also happens to be a great gaming chair. 

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