1Password really wants to be your iPhone or Mac password manager

(Image credit: 1Password)

Popular password manager 1Password has announced a major update to its iOS and Mac apps, with literally hundreds of new features and improvements across the board.

Among the most significant upgrades, version 8.10.0 of 1Password will now include new customizations to the home screen, the ability to reorder the fields of a saved credential, new keyboard shortcuts for the iOS app and better search functionality.

Various bug fixes have also been implemented with the new update, as well as improvements to the Face ID and Touch ID operation when unlocking 1Password on an iOS device. 

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Easier and faster

On its blog post detailing the new updates - which are also coming to Android, PC and Linux platforms - 1Password stated that the big overhauls were made in response to user feedback. 

On the new customizable home screen of the iOS app, where you can pin certain items you want to have quick access to, there is now an ever-present navigation bar allowing for access to items across all of your accounts. You can also search for anything within the manager and get instant access to the revamped Watchtower feature. 

This is the password manager's dark web monitoring tool, able to detect whether any of your credentials have been leaked in a known data breach of a third party. It then alerts you if this applies to you so you can quickly change them - which you'll need to do if you don't want to fall victim to identity theft

Watchtower also gives you an overall security score for your entire vault, evaluating your performance based on whether you have any weak passwords, inactive two-factor authentication, compromised passwords and other metrics.

If you choose to add a security question field to one of your items, you can now have the answers randomly generated, saving you hassle of having to think up answers to questions like your mother's maiden name or first pet.

Collections are also a new feature, and allow you to group your different vaults in ways you see fit, such as separating your work from your personal items, or creating a collection specifically for travel, or one for shared vaults and another for private ones.

Autofilling all the information you have stored in your vault, such as your passwords, bank details, addresses, etc., into a website or app is now faster too with the new update.

For a full list of all the changes in the new updates, see 1Password's blog posts pertaining to the iOS and Mac versions.

Lewis Maddison
Staff Writer

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