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Revo Uno review

Another quirky design; can performance save the day?

The Uno features a shocking pink fascia and black speaker and panels

Our Verdict

It's certainly cheap, but you can see why


  • It's cheap

    Effective remote control


  • Slow in operation

    Very little grunt

In many ways Revo's Uno DAB radio is a lightweight version - in more ways than one - of Vita Audio's R1.

Besides its shocking pink fascia and black speaker and panels, the Uno displays the same upright design with controls built over a lower mono speaker. It also has similar DAB functionality, except that it's frustratingly sluggish.

Labour of love

For example, if you scroll laboriously through the station list using the arrow buttons, then select an obscure station that can't be tuned in at that time, the unit returns you to the beginning of the list. So the presets are crucial, but moving between them is also a low process.

Like the R1, an iPod (or anything with a headphone socket) can be connected. On the Uno a single 3.5mm input on the unit's side is called M-Port, although this is over-egging what is a quite simple system. Unfortunately when an iPod is connected the rest of the unit goes to sleep and can't be woken.

Where the Uno does differ from many other DAB radios is that it has a remote control. A tiny, black and yellow, credit card-sized remote - for some reason called Pico - offers the basic functions such as scrolling between stations and selecting presets. It works well.

While the mono speaker on the Uno does OK with voice radio, things deteriorate with music when compared with its rivals. There just isn't enough bass for music and turning the volume up reveals a thin sound. Consequently its double-act as a iPod speaker is somewhat of a novelty and it's certainly no substitute for the real thing.

This is half the cost of Vita Audio's R1 and offers similar functionality, but despite the similarities there's little comparison when it comes to sound and build quality. Still, the Uno offers enough for the bedside and will suit some users perfectly.