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Jessops Shoe Fit Spirit Level review

Hotshoe-mountable spirit level to keep your camera straight

Jessops Shoe Fit Spirit Level
Straighten up your photos with this hotshoe-mounted spirit level


  • Clear casing
  • Well made
  • Small and light


  • Not required for all cameras
  • Cheaper devices available
  • Rounded corners would make it safer

At some point, we've all looked through some of our recently captured images only to find that the ones we thought were close to perfect had a slight skew in their composition.

This may not be noticeable in most scenes, but when it comes to architecture and seascapes it's vital that what's level in the scene remains level in the image.

As a solution to this common problem, the Jessops Shoe Fit Spirit Level can be mounted inside a camera's hotshoe and used to check whether the camera is level over two axes.

It contains two tubular vials to show both horizontal and vertical tilt, and each is encircled twice, with a black ring to show the middle portion. The plastic casing that surrounds them is thick and clear, and easily seen through.

A foot at the base of the spirit level enables it to slot into a standard hotshoe, and although this happens easily, once inside it feels secure and very unlikely to be accidentally knocked out.

As well as for single captures, it's also useful for panoramas, where levelness needs to be checked across a range of positions, as well as for tripod-based video panning for the same reason.


It's a simple device with little to fault, and as cameras continue to be released without electronic leveling functionality, such spirit levels are a good alternative to post-processing techniques.

Still, cheaper devices that do much the same thing are widely available, and even electronic versions with coloured LED lights can be bought for a lower price.