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Oregon Scientific MP120 review

You only sing when you're swimming!

Our Verdict

If you really have to have music when you go for a dip, then this is the gadget for you


  • Actually works underwater

    Easy to set up and use


  • Very limited storage

    You have to work hard to keep the earphones in place

    Makes you look like a plank

Ever fancied listening to The Strokes in your local pool? Well, now you can - thanks to the Oregon Scientific MP120, the first MP3 player that's water-resistant enough to take swimming.

The player's well designed for the wet. The top half sports a mini LED display, rubber buttons, and earphones and USB sockets, while the screw-on bottom is there to keep the connectors dry.

You can fit around two albums' worth of music in the 128MB of memory, and actually getting your tunes into the player is a cinch. It appears as a standard external drive on your desktop, so you can just drag and drop files onto it, but if you prefer, you can also use Windows Media Player 10 to squirt your music into it. The device also boasts an FM radio with 30 channel presets.

However, before you dunk this water baby in your local pool or ocean, it needs a little preparation. The key thing is to ensure that no matter how vigorous your stroke, the earphones and their odd coverings stay in place. The most obvious way to do this is to attach the player to your goggles and use the elastic strap to keep the 'phones in place. A swimming cap works even better and has the added advantage of camouflaging the unit which makes you look less geeky but more like Duncan Goodhew - it's your choice.

The volume isn't very loud, it's only watertight up to one metre and you may find yourself adjusting the headphones after every few lengths, but this really does work and certainly makes long swims a little less boring.

One day, someone will incorporate a music player into a pair of goggles. Until then, this is £100 well spent for the serious swimmer.