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Secret sauce to Twitter influence revealed

Are you a Twitter influencer?
Are you a Twitter influencer?

The director of HP's Social Computing Lab Dr Benado A Huberman believes he has cracked the formula for Twitter influence, creating an algorithm to analyse a Twitter account's stature.

A nine-page document has been posted online – it has graphs and everything – which tries its best to separate influence from popularity.

This can only be a good thing, considering the amount of bots on the service which garner thousands of users.

Pay it forward

In the study, Huberman notes: "This study shows that the correlation between popularity and influence is weaker than it might be expected. This is a reflection of the fact that for information to propagate in a network, individuals need to forward it to the other members, thus having to actively engage rather than passively read it and cease to act on it."

So, if your Tweets are re-tweeted on a regular occasion, then it seems you are deemed to be more influential regardless of the amount of followers you have.

Out of the 22 million tweets, the following users were found to be influencers: @mashable, @jokoanwar, @google, @aplusk, @syfy, @smashingmag, @michellemalkin, @theonion, @rww, @breakingnews.

We are assuming that @TechRadar had a day off tweeting when the list was compiled.