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Tomb Raider Tory leader invited to launch

She probably met him at Cambridge....
She probably met him at Cambridge....

Eidos has reacted with delight at Conservative leader David Cameron's assertion that his time in charge of the Tories has been like moving past level one of Tomb Raider.

Handily for Eidos , the comments coincide with the release of their next Tome Raider game – Tome Raider: Underworld – and the UK games company has now invited Cameron to the preview showing.

"We're delighted to hear that David Cameron is talking to today's voters using Tomb Raider as an analogy," says Jon Brooke, UK Head of Marketing, Eidos Interactive.

No such thing as a free launch

"As we build up towards launch, we'd be really pleased to offer him an exclusive look at the latest Lara Croft adventure, so he can see for himself how the series has evolved – and maybe come up with some high definition political parallels.

"Of course, both Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg are equally welcome, provided they all sit together nicely."

Of course Lara Croft is a wealthy heiress with a mansion, which would suggets she would indeed be voting Tory. Or are we confusing real and not real again?