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OnLive UK launch date confirmed as autumn

OnLive - countdown
OnLive - countdown

Streaming gaming service OnLive has confirmed that it is on course for a UK launch in the autumn.

The service, which is making a number of announcements ahead of the E3 gaming convention next week, offers a streamed gaming experience, with the hardware living in the cloud.

The service is now set for a UK launch in autumn, with now just a matter of days away from allowing sign ups.

Games arrivals

The UK launch is not the only new arrival for the service, which will be announcing the arrival of Red Faction Armageddon on 7 June, along with triple-A title Homefront multiplayer.

Disney Interactive is joining the OnLive service, and the service will soon Facebook integration.

Also a key new announcement is that the service will run on Intel-based consumer TVs, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes.

More details will no doubt be forthcoming in June.