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Xbox 360 sells most games per console

The Xbox 360 has so far sold 6.8 million consoles in the US

Microsoft sells more games per Xbox 360 sold than its rival console makers. That's according to some interesting stats from the US about console sales compared to game sales.

Nearly seven games are sold per Xbox 360 compared to nearly four for a PlayStation 3. The Wii weighs in at slightly less. It sells 3.44 games according to the research from NPD and reported by Joystiq. These figures aren't entirely surprising - the PS3 is still in early life and the ecosystem in development, while the Xbox 360 is now a mature console. The cheaper 40GB version of the PlayStation 3 goes on sale in the US tomorrow.

Wii Sports

As far as the Wii is concerned, many users seem to be sticking with the basic games - the excellent Wii Sports is already included with the console. However, the figures look worse when you consider that most Wii buyers also buy Wii Play - primarily for the extra Wiimote that's included in the pack.

So far the Xbox 360 has sold 6.8 million consoles in the US compared to 1.9 for the PlayStation 3. The Wii is, however, catching up fast, with 4.5 million units so far sold in the US.