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Microsoft issues fix for Xbox One controller issues

xbox one controller

Microsoft is rolling out the first Xbox One system update of the year, and it brings with it welcome improvements to the performance and stability of the console's controllers.

The controller now connects to the Xbox One much more quickly, and it's been improved in other ways, too - hopefully fixing the occasional disconnect issues that players have experienced.

In addition Microsoft has added a new section to the UI called "game hubs."

Every game now has a game hub, where users can see which of their friends are playing, view Twitch broadcasts, access DLC, peruse the leaderboards, and more.

Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb details some of these changes in the video above.

The new Xbox One update also improves party chat performance and makes home screen tiles transparent when you have a custom background, and adds TV features to several regions that didn't have them before.

Microsoft promised when the Xbox One launched that the console would receive frequent updates, and so far they've delivered - making the new Xbox better and better with every one.

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