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Best lead generation tools of 2019: top lead gen tools for business

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Best lead generation tools

1. HubSpot

2. Albacross


4. WisePops

5. OptinMonster

Read on for our detailed analysis of each service  

Lead generation tools are essential for capturing the interest and contact information of your audience. Finding the right ones for your business can help it scale faster, make vital contacts and discover new opportunities.

Whether you’re aiming to turn visitors into customers, gather insight from potential buyers of your products or services, or otherwise, the best lead generation tools in 2019 can automate processes for you.

This can help you streamline your customer strategy and focus on delivering what your customers need without having to resort to manual methods get their attention.

Without further ado, continue reading to discover our picks of the best lead generation tools in 2019.

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(Image credit: HubSpot)

1. HubSpot

A jack of all trades when it comes to lead generation

Many workflow features
Can integrate with CRM
Quite expensive
Search marketing functionality could be improved

HubSpot is usually one of the first names on people’s lips when lead gen tools are mentioned. It’s a bit of a swiss army knife, combining CRM (customer relationship managing), sales tools and marketing to help create data-driven campaigns. Its many features allow you to create automation workflows, email campaigns, and manage social media accounts in addition to carrying out lead generation activity. It’s perfect for SMBs that are looking to scale and don’t want yet to dip their toes into enterprise CRM software and its associated challenges (and not to mention cost).

(Image credit: Albacross)

2. Albacross

Helps you identify and contact vital leads

Helps identify leads in real-time
Can find lead contact emails
Price a little high
Bugs take a while to get fixed

We’re big fans of Albacross, which is about identifying potential leads who are visiting your website in real-time and recognising (before ultimately acting on) their navigation habits. If you’re targeting your product or service at a particular demographic, for example, you can see if anybody belonging to it is browsing your homepage, specific channels or other pages before emailing them. And by showing what kinds of companies and individuals are visiting your site, Albacross helps you tailor your messaging to better attract the leads you desire.

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Helps you discover leads quicker on social media sites

Simple yet effective
Quick to download
Linkedin is blocking certain browsers with extension installed
Dated UI

Finding new leads on social media can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. Google Chrome add-on aims to change that by revealing more information about somebody and who they are connected to when you visit their profile on a social media network. On LinkedIn, for example, visiting a person’s profile will bring up a pop-up window that shows who that person is connected to on LinkedIn, in addition to Facebook and Twitter. It’s a simple yet ingenious way of quickly finding new leads without having to navigate your way around individual networks. 

(Image credit: WisePops)

4. WisePops

Turn pop-ups into something your visitors will find useful

Easy drag and drop builder
60 preset templates
Has a slight learning curve

Website pop-ups have earned a bad rep over the years, but research shows that they’re incredibly useful for lead generation. Wisepops helps you create beautiful pop-ups using a drag-and-drop builder that gives you 60 templates to pick from. It’s also possible to set different actions for when visitors first visit and then ultimately leave pages, click on links or hover over specific elements on your organisation’s website.  Wisepops offers the ability to activate multiple campaigns at the same time, target visitors according to their location and browser, and you can even craft dedicated messages for new customers and returning ones.

(Image credit: OptinMonster)

5. OptinMonster

Mobile-friendly form system captures marketing leads

Powerful, easy to setup forms
Strong integration with other services
Simple to use
Only billed annually

OptinMonster is a lead generation software tool that makes it easy to capture, share and manage marketing leads. It provides high-converting mobile-friendly forms and uses behaviour detection rules to find success. integrates with major email marketing and CRM platforms, and you can set advanced targeting rules for marketing campaigns – from page-level targeting (running campaigns on different pages, targeted to page content) to OnSite Retargeting (creating special offers and promotions for returning visitors). It’s also possible to target campaigns by location, activity or inactivity, and by device type. 

(Image credit: Lusha)

6. Lusha

Easily find information on B2B contacts

Rich information database
Easy to use
Other tools offer similar functionality for free

Effectively a database of B2B contacts, Lusha can be deployed by sales and marketing professionals to find leads, boost their campaigns and ultimately drive revenue. In short, it provides the ability to find information on people who are publicly listed without spending hours doing so. It also offers a browser extension for Chrome that automatically scans the profile page you are visiting when on social networks to provide up-to-date contact information – something that, also on our list, does for free. 

(Image credit: Hello Bar)

7. Hello Bar

Grab your website visitors’ attention with tailored messages

Easy to use
Rivals dedicated email opt-in tools
Offers detailed targeting
Free plan is limited for high-traffic sites

Starting out life as a notification bar, Hello Bar has evolved into a flexible marketing tool that lets you design messages for your website visitors. To get started, all you have to do is enter your website URL and you will be shown how to make display ads and install bar codes. From there, you can set up email integrations, choose goals for your campaigns, install modal pop-ups, full-site takeovers, slide-ins and more. Additionally it lets you set up simple announcements and direct website visitors to social media channels.

(Image credit: ReferralCandy)

8. ReferralCandy

Help others bring the leads to you

Easy to setup with one line of code
Fast support
Only one currency available for payouts

ReferralCandy is a great ecommerce tool for generating leads. As its name suggests, it’s centred around helping businesses generate leads and sales by offering its customers discounts for sending new customers their way. It’s offered as a free 30-day trial which you can use to test out its features that include email campaigns and data-driven insights dashboards. ReferralCandy also integrates with a range of marketing stacks – from Shopify and WooCommerce to BigCommerce, Magento, Mailchimp and Google Analytics.

(Image credit: Jotform)

9. Jotform

Create great-looking forms without coding knowledge

Easy to use
Customisable if needed
Could compile survey data better

Ideal for businesses of all sizes, JotForm helps companies create survey forms without any knowledge of CSS, JavaScript or other programming languages – though if they do, there’s plenty of scope for diving into the code and tweaking designs. Forms are highly customisable and can be set to show different content based on users’ location, and field types can be further customised to show properties as required, setting character limits and pre-populating fields. It’s available as a free trial before being billed at $15.83 per month once that’s expired.

(Image credit: Formisimo)

10. Formisimo

Improve your conversion rates with this simple tool

Easy to set up
Can AB test form changes
Formismio not a big player which may put some off

Formisimo isn’t quite a household name, but that shouldn’t put organisations off using its devilishly simple and innovative form solution. Online forms are relatively simple to deploy, but difficult to use effectively to generate leads. Formismio is on a mission to rid the world of bad forms and checkouts with its solution, which gathers data and insight on where users are struggling to complete their checkouts or forms. Incredibly simple to operate, it uses a single piece of code to run and then automatically generates and emails reports to admins to paint a picture of user activity.