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Best CV builders in 2021

Best CV builders
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The best CV builders make it simple and easy to set up a resume, and also offer the best way of presenting yourself and your information.

The best CV builders

These days it's not enough just to have a CV; you need one with an eye-catching design, and moreover the right information to let any prospective interviewer know that you are the right candidate for the job. 

Gone are the days of opening Microsoft Word and hacking out a CV - and by using one of the best CV builders you can really help yourself stand out from the crowd. Even better, you don't necessarily need to spend any money to create a professional-looking resume - there are plenty of great templates out there that are based on ones that have been used by successful applicants in the past. 

And, if you do want to spend money in order to make money, there are plenty of excellent resume creators available that will go above and beyond – for a cost. Without further ado, let's check out some of the best CV builders out there today.


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For a free professional CV

Reasons to buy
+Professional look+Multiple templates+Free to use is many people's go-to resource when it comes to putting together a professional-looking CV. The company’s tried and tested resume templates are based on what evidence shows employers are actually looking for in a candidate; the company says that it knows this because it has spoken with thousands of employees to craft its service. 

In fact, designed its resume builder using data from job recruitment website, which makes it more accurate than most, and once your CV is complete it can be shared on there with millions of the interested employers signed up there.


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2. ResumUP

For CVs strong on visualization

Reasons to buy
+Visualization format+Import data+Multiple styles+Specialized options

For something a little different, ResumUP takes a more visual approach than most CV builders. This online resume builder lets you create an interactive resume to show your skills in connection to your experience - and you can even import your existing data to make an instant resume. The website offers many different styles and you can choose from a text resonate with a traditional design, or you could opt for a ribbon variant that draws the eyes’ attention. 

The website even lets you create specialized resumes designed to be read by computers or developers, called ATS or JSON resumes respectively. We are a fan of the ‘functional’ resume design, which lets you write a matching reference letter and a cover letter, to cover all of your strengths in a consistent manner.


(Image credit: CakeResume)

3. CakeResume

The beautiful CV builder

Reasons to buy
+Drag and drop interface+Beautiful designs+Free tier+Google Analytics option

As its name suggests, CakeResume makes creating a resume a piece of cake thanks to its CV generator that lets you create a vivid resume in minutes. It utilizes a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets you customize your resume’s layout and introduce yourself in a standout manner. 

CakeResume’s CV builder offers up some truly beautiful and professional designs, and you can download your resume at any point during the creation process, allowing you to look over it with a human eye, share it with others online, or send it off whenever you are happy with it. 

The basic service is free, coming with a one-resume limit, or you can choose a more expensive package to remove CakeResume branding. It will also let you design an unlimited number of resumes and track your resume via Google Analytics while hosting it on a custom domain name.


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The UK CV builder

Reasons to buy
+Mobile-friendly builder+Free to use+Download as Word doc

Advertised on TV in the UK, offers a free CV builder that has been developed to help you build a professional and fully-formatted resume from scratch in just four easy steps. They involve adding your details, then your work experience, then your qualifications, and finally any additional information that you want to add. 

The CV builder lets you build your resume from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, and you can save your progress and finish it off at any point. Once your CV is complete, you can download it as a Word document, and then start to apply for jobs on to discover its effectiveness.


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5. Novoresume

Optimize your CV

Reasons to buy
+Online optimizer+Approved designs+Samples for comparison

How do you create a resume that will improve your chances of getting hired? Novoresume thinks it has the answer. It starts off by providing you with online templates, which automatically optimize all of your CV's content to make sure that it's aligned and organised. All of the company’s layout designs have been approved by recruiters and are tailored to suit different job types. 

Novoresume’s features include a contents optimizer that analyses your resume as you create it, and provides suggested revisions to increase its quality. If you're not sure where to start, the website gives you a helping hand through resume samples and cover letters that have been used by successful applicants in the past, allowing you to avoid CV-related pitfalls before you make them.


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6. ResumeHelp

The smart CV builder

Reasons to buy
+Smart help+Mobile-friendly use+Cover letter builder

If you are not particularly good with words, then writing a resume can prove a real challenge. This is where ResumeHelp’s Smart resume builder comes in, allowing you to save time by inserting pre-written ’smart’ bullet points that plug into your resume and build it with no writing necessary. 

For example, you might want to add a bullet point that says that you are great at networking within communities to find and attract new business. This is also one of the few CV builders that are great to use on a mobile device, even when using features like its cover letter builder, which puts together a cover letter that automatically matches the look of your resume.


(Image credit: CVmaker)

7. CVmaker

Advanced CV builder

Reasons to buy
+Advanced builder+Create in minutes+Predetermined fields+Multiple saved file formats

Featuring a wide range of templates to choose from, CVmaker offers an advanced resume builder lets you create a beautiful and professional looking resume in minutes for free. It may not pack as many features as other options on our list; however, all of the basics are present, including an interface that lets you quickly and easily fill out predetermined fields. 

CVs can be exported into various formats including PDF, HTML, and TXT for uploading to a wide range of job application platforms. The basic version which lets you create and share CVs is free. You can opt for its affordable premium version, which gets you features such as a rich text editor and the ability to add custom sections to your CV.


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8. VisualCV

Powerful CV builder

Reasons to buy
+Powerful builder+Resume analytics+Invite feedback+Privacy options

VisualCV is one of the best and most powerful resume builders out there thanks to its ability to manage multiple resume styles, track resume analytics (such as when employers view or download your resume), and invite feedback on your CVs from partners or friends. 

It takes security seriously too, offering three privacy options to ensure that your data stays safe. Used by more than 3.1 million jobseekers, it also features the ability to create cover letters, import resume samples, and much more.


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9. KickResume

Import LinkedIn data with this CV builder

Reasons to buy
+Standard features+Career-specific templates+Pre-written phrases+LinkedIn import

Used by more than 600,000 successful jobseekers, KickResume helps you get hired fast with a CV that catches the eye. The website provides all the tools you need to create a standard resume, cover letter, and personal website in a snap. Candidates that have used it have landed jobs at companies such as Google, Facebook, NASA, Apple and Tesla, so this resume creator is not to be taken lightly. 

It provides more than 50 career-specific resume templates to get you off the ground, and like ResumeHelp on this list, it will bolster your resume with pre-written phrases for more than 3,200 job titles. Or, if you're looking for something that's even easier to use, you can import your LinkedIn profile to get your resume instantly.

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