Will a Stray Xbox version be released?

Stray Xbox: Cat sits a at Bar with two robots
(Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio)

The possibility of a Stray Xbox release is not as slim as you might think. The title has captured the hearts and imaginations of even the most curmudgeonly gamers and that could extend to more in time, if the rumors hold true.

Not all have been blessed with access to the much–beloved kitty adventure. As of its release, Stray is exclusive to PS4, PS5, and PC, leaving Xbox and Switch users out in the cold. Things could change in the future however, given the specific terms under which Stray was released.

Exclusivity is nothing new, especially when it comes to PlayStation. First party developers often never release their games on non-Sony consoles, and others don’t even get PC releases. BlueTwelve, the developers behind Stray, have a different relationship with Sony, however. As an indie studio not directly owned by the publisher, BlueTwelve enjoys more autonomy. Though their game is currently exclusive to PlayStation and PC, it's entirely possible that Stray will make its way to Xbox in the near future.

Here’s what we know about that likelihood so far.

Stray Xbox version

Stray Xbox: when can we expect it?

Stray Xbox, Cat in cyberpunk alley

(Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio)

Right now, there is no Stray Xbox version. While a look at social media might have you thinking everyone is playing it, if you are a Nintendo Switch or Xbox user, sadly the cat is still firmly in the bag. 

That said, there might be some hope for you in the future. 

The glimmer of salvation can be found in the 2020 teaser. Pictured below, is the end card for the trailer and it states that Stray will only remain a console exclusive for a "limited time." 

Though there has been no official word on an Xbox or Switch release, this does suggest that BlueTwelve's exclusivity deal with Sony may well have an expiry date.

Stray Trailer Still from 2020

(Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio)

Now, it's impossible to say how long this kind of exclusivity will last for the title, or even if it remains a limited-time deal. Generally, this kind of exclusivity lasts for a year, but there have been exceptions to this rule. Some can be half a year, or even as short as a couple of months. 

To be frank, we simply don't know how long this exclusivity will last. It's possible, since the teaser, Sony has sealed up the game indefinitely, but the lack of official word makes that pure speculation. Since we've heard nothing, everything points to this being a limited-time exclusive.

Though Stray's graphical fidelity might make a Switch version a tall order, there are no hardware constraints that would prevent an eventual Stray Xbox Series X|S release. The Nintendo Switch is also no stranger to Cloudpowered versions of games, so we could yet see it there. 

Perhaps, in the coming months, we will hear official word on if other versions of the game are coming. For now, those on other consoles will have to remain patient to hear more. 

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