Overwatch Medic Brigitte skin: get the StarCraft-themed skin

Overwatch Medic Brigitte skin standing on Havana
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Blizzard has announced a new Overwatch Medic Brigitte skin as part of its new ‘Support a Streamer’ program, which encourages Twitch viewers to buy subscriptions for their favorite content creators.

The promotion to get the skin will run roughly around the second Overwatch 2 beta, which will give viewers the chance to pick up the skin while watching some of the community’s biggest names play Overwatch 2. It also gives them an incentive to support their favorite personalities within the scene. 

As an added bonus, this skin is available right now in Overwatch 1, so you don't even have to wait for the sequel to launch. And don't worry, the skin will transfer to the sequel once it arrives. 

As an extra bit of fun, the Brigitte skin appears to be based on the StarCraft 2 medic units. It’s not pointed out in any of the marketing materials, but the resemblance is certainly uncanny. This makes it the fourth StarCraft-inspired skin in the game, alongside the Kerrigan and Nova Widowmaker Skins, Reinhardt’s Raynor skin that was part of Blizzard’s 30th-anniversary event, and a legendary Immortal Orisa skin. 

What do you need, and more crucially, how much money do you have to spend to get the new skin? Here’s everything you need to know about securing it.

Overwatch Medic Brigitte skin

Overwatch Medic Brigitte skin: how to get the skin

A portrait of Overwatch 2 character Brigitte

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Getting your hands on the skin is relatively easy, it will just cost some money and a little support for a Twitch streamer of your choice. First off, the promotion runs from June 29 at 11:00 a.m. PDT until July 20 at 11:00 a.m. PDT. Any subs outside of this period won’t count towards getting the skin, so keep that in mind. 

To secure it, you need to gift three subscriptions to a participating Twitch streamer. In order to do that, head over to Twitch.tv and sign in (or create an account if you don’t have one yet.)

Once you are logged in, you can head to one of the participating Twitch streams (see below) while they are playing Overwatch. Once there, you have to buy three subscriptions to the Twitch streamer. One of these will be for you (unless you are subscribed already), and then any remaining ones will go to others in chat. 

Twitch Subscriptions cost $4.99 / £3.99 / AU$8.99, so times that by three to get the skin. Of course, remember that you get one free Twitch subscription if you're an Amazon Prime user.  

Once you have done this, you should get a notification from Twitch with a code. When you have your code, head over to Battle.net. Sign in to your account (or sign up for an account and link it to the email connected to your console profile), and head over to your Account Overview. In the first box, right underneath the words "Account Overview" is a "Redeem A Code" box. Paste your code in there and hit "Redeem Code".

After that, you should be good to go. The skin will be available to you in the in-game Hero Gallery. That’s all you have to do!   

Overwatch Medic Brigitte skin: participating streamers

Here is a full list of all the streamers taking part in the promotion. Make sure to only subscribe when they are playing in the Overwatch category.

Full list of streamers participating

Overwatch 2 heroes Moira Winston, Lucio, Zenyatta, Mercy, Hanzo and Junkerqueen brawl

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