Fortnite map locations: new areas and changes for Chapter 3 Season 2

Fortnite Map: Doctor Strange creates a portal while on the map
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The Fortnite map is always a focus when a new season rolls around. With the launch of Chapter 3 Season 2 comes a barrage of fresh points of interest (POIs) and areas to explore. With major named locations like Synapse Station being added alongside smaller map changes, the new season has something for everyone.

With ‘Resistance’ being the theme of the season, there's an ongoing conflict between the in-game groups of the Imagined Order and the Seven as they fight for control of the island. As a result, combat blimps have appeared in various locations, transforming fan-favorite areas into upgraded drop spots.

TechRadar has compiled a definitive list of everything that has been added to the Fortnite map, sprinkled with some pointers on the best places for you to land.

Fortnite map changes

New Major Locations

Command Cavern

Blimp above command craven in Fortnite

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The Imagined Order has begun its takeover of the island by upgrading its existing base of operations. What was once known as Covert Cavern has been reworked into Command Cavern, a large facility built into a mountain that includes 2 NPC bosses, a new combat blimp, and some added areas inside of the cavern.

On the summit of the mountain, there's a new platform that connects to the blimp, and players who travel into the airship will come across a fierce boss named Huntmaster Saber. Long-time fans of Fortnite may recognize him as the Imagined Order version of Master Key, a battle pass skin from Chapter 1 Season 8. If you eliminate Huntmaster Saber, you will receive a Mythic Thermal Rifle for your troubles

Huntman's summer Fortnite

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For players who head into the mountain itself, you will be greeted with the familiarity of Covert Cavern, with the Gunnar NPC boss from Season 1 still roaming around. If you eliminate this boss, the Mythic version of the Stinger SMG is still up for grabs, and you get a free vault keycard as a cherry on top.

Once you have the vault keycard, follow the dotted lines to unlock the Command Cavern vault.

Synapse Station

Fortnite station

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Built by the Seven to be used as a workshop, Synapse Station features multiple buildings, a lagoon with lily pads, and a dock by the ocean.

The interior of Synapse Station has even more secrets hidden inside of it, as you can find a battle bus being constructed in the main building. 

You can also talk to the Scientist NPC at this location or bring your vehicles here to refuel - thanks to a makeshift gas station around the back of the buildings. Once you have looted the place, you can rotate to nearby POIs Greasy Grove or Chonker’s Speedway.

The Fortress

Showing the Fortress in Fortnite

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Throughout the first season, a major buildup was occurring where drill holes appeared around the island. They were not large, but players have been waiting a rumored mega-drill to appear on the map for quite some time now. With the new launch of Season 2, this drill has finally arrived going by the name The Fortress.

You can find it on the island east of Command Cavern, and while it doesn't move – it’s super intimidating regardless. Located inside of The Fortress is Doctor Slone, a familiar boss who has been on the map for the past four seasons. She now drops a Mythic Slone’s Striker Burst Rifle that is quickly becoming a highly sought-after weapon. Watch out for her entourage of IO Guards, however, as they can be ruthless if they all attack at once.

Updated Points of Interests


Fortnite Map showing off the entire mini-map

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A brand-new feature has been added to Fortnite that will change the map throughout the progression of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. There are now territories visible on the minimap, outlined in blue for The Seven and red for The Imagined Order. Right now, the latter has control of an overwhelming number of POIs, and everything included in their territory is now occupied by the military.

As the season progresses, these territories will change depending on the outcome of the battle between both factions and the POIs inside of them will also receive cosmetic updates as a result.

Tilted Towers

Fortnite Map

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Tilted Towers is still around in Chapter 3 Season 2 but has received some interesting changes as a result of the ongoing war theme of the season.

There is now a large combat blimp above the city, and the Imagined Order has occupied the area, setting up checkpoints and barricades around the perimeter. You can find an AI-controlled tank patrolling the streets of Tilted Towers that will shoot on sight if you are caught.

There are other hidden details scattered throughout the POI, from sniper camps on rooftops to trucks unloading supplies. Luckily, its classic layout remains the same.


One of the new blimps on the Fortnite Map

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A variety of points of interests have received a seasonal update in the form of a blimp. Due to the new territories feature, all major named locations inside of the Imagined Order’s territory now have combat blimps stationed above them. These include fan-favorite areas such as The Daily Bugle, Coney Crossroads, Rocky Reels, Condo Canyon, Tilted Towers, and Command Cavern.

The blimps are all relatively the same but are expected to be changed as the territories are shifted throughout the season.

Mighty Monument

The broken statue of the Foundation in Fortnite

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Fans of the Foundation will be disappointed to find out that his famous statue from Chapter 3 Season 1 has been sliced in half. You can find the remains of his torso and head in the waters surrounding Mighty Monument, and all that is left of his statue is the lower half.

The secret door on the base of the monument remains sealed, as players are still wondering what lurks inside.

Best Places to Drop in Season 2

Sleepy Sound

Sleepy Sound on the Fortnite Map

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This humble town is one of the best drop locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. Sleepy Sound contains 14 buildings, including a gas station and a motel with 9 rooms for you to explore and loot. This location also features multiple restaurants, a retail store, and even a lighthouse on the coastline.

Thanks to the diverse and large number of buildings in this POI, along with its positioning on the north side of the island, Sleepy Sound ranks highly as a drop spot.

Condo Canyon

Condo Canyon from the air

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A great place to start off your Battle Royale matches in Season 2 is at Condo Canyon. This huge town in the desert comes complete with a luxury hotel resort, marketplace, and holiday homes.

With the new season, it also now has a combat blimp stationed inside, giving players even more opportunity to grab loot and leave the area quickly.

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