Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter: best builds and a complete skill overview

A Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter
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The Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter is for players who think the best strategy to defeat evil is by hitting it hard and fast. At the same time, things can get pretty chaotic while you're shooting your way through waves of demons, so ask yourself, is your aim sharp enough to face the challenges of Hell?

Once more players can venture into a Diablo game as a Demon Hunter, a class famous for its damage potential. Diablo Immortal is no different. Demon Hunters do a lot of single target damage, but can also face groups of enemies shooting multiple arrows or even using turrets.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a very agile class and as a Demons Hunter, players need to be moving constantly as they can't take a lot of punishment. They are the 'glass cannon' of the Diablo Immortal roster, meaning they can output immense damage but will fall if they take too much themselves.

By learning the ways of the Demon Hunter, you can become an unstoppable demon-killing machine. Mastering your skills and when to use them can make sure you are outputting the most pain on a team, and evaporating enemies with ease.

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Skills

A Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter points their crossbows

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Here's a complete list of all of the Demon Hunter’s skills.

Crossbow Shot (Primary Attack)

  • Unlocks at level 1

Crossbow Shot is one of the basic attack options you have as a Demon Hunter. This attack sees your character shoot arrows, causing damage to a single target. Keep in mind though, you will move slower while shooting.

The Crossbow Shot is by far the best option you have, mostly because you can continue to move while shooting, and as you can be quite weak, that can quickly become an issue. It's not great against groups of enemies, but you can compensate for that with other skills.

Explosive Arrow (Primary Attack)

  • Unlocks at level 34

The second option for basic attacks as a Demon Hunter, is the Explosive Arrow. The character will still shoot arrows but now they explode when hitting an enemy, causing reduced damage to nearby foes. 

Although Explosive Arrow may sound like an interesting skill due to the fact that you will handle larger groups of enemies better, it has a pretty harsh trade-off. When using Explosive Arrow, you will stay still which puts you in a dangerous position. Demon Hunters don't have big health pools and getting overrun is a real problem for them, so not being able to move when attacking is a tough justification.

Daring Swing

A Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter using daring swing

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  • Unlocks at level 15

Find yourself surrounded by enemies, unable to quell the horde before they overwhelm you? Use Daring Swing to escape from a tight spot by stylishly swinging out of there! By using this skill, your character will change location while still dealing some damage and becoming invulnerable while you're in the air.

There are stronger skills than Daring Swing in Demon Hunter’s skill set, but it has value. This class is all about positioning – doing damage while taking little, so if you are still trying to figure out that balance, this is a great 'get out of jail free card.


  • Unlocks at level 44

As the name implies, Escape is a skill that'll help you to escape before you fall into enemy hands.  Once used, you throw a blade forward that deals damage and reduces the movement speed of enemies hit by it by 60%. The character also flips backward, gaining some distance from enemies.

Daring Swing, paradoxically, is a better evasion technique than Escape, but it has more utility thanks to its capacity to slow down enemies. This makes it easier to run from enemies, while also benefiting your team, who can capitalize on the slowed enemies. 


  • Unlocks at level 41

Impale is a channeling skill that once activated, throws knives in a direction until you are out of energy. That energy will be replenished when you are not using the skill. It works amazingly when dealing with a single or a group of enemies. 

It is a powerful skill, but it suffers from the innate trait of all channel skills – you can’t use other skills or weave basic attacks while using Impale. 

Knife Trap

  • Unlocks at level 20

Knife Trap has three charges, allowing you to place traps to deal with approaching enemies. The trap becomes invisible and explodes once it is touched by an enemy, causing damage to all nearby foes.

Knife Traps can be fun to use, but it takes some time to arm, becoming difficult to use in PvP and demanding players to plan their position in PvE.

Knockback Shot

A Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter using knockback shot

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  • Unlocks at level 1

A staple skill for a Demon Hunter, the Knockback Shot is a key ability for when enemies are too close. Activating it will have you launch a frontal attack that will push enemies away from you. If they end up hitting an obstacle, foes get stunned for a brief period of time.

This is a great skill to use at the beginning of your journey, although, it'll eventually become less useful since you might want to take advantage of other stuns that become available. Knockback Shot stuns can be hard to hit consistently.


  • Unlocks at level 1

The Multishot is pretty straightforward since it's a fast frontal attack that deals damage to all enemies in the way. It has more than one charge and it can be used in sequence, becoming a great source of damage.

One of the best features of this skill is that it can be used while moving, so it's a powerful option for PvP and PvE. The definition of simple but effective.

Rain of Vengeance

A Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter rain of vengence

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  • Unlocks at level 3

Rain of Vengeance is a big area-of-effect skill. The Demon Hunter shoots a volley of arrows into the air that hits all enemies in the specified area. Using other skills while Rain of Vengeance is active does not affect it in anyway. 

It's a fairly basic skill but it is quite useful inn PvE when dealing with grouped up enemies.


  • Unlocks at level 28

If you want some external help when trying to kill a wave of enemies, you can use Sentry and place turrets that will attack nearby enemies. These turrets last for 30 seconds and you can have two up at the same time.

This is a good option in PvE because on top of the damage the turrets output, they can also pull attention from the minions of hell. Enemies will go after them, giving you some space to heal, run, or just shoot more arrows.

Smoke Screen

  • Unlocks at level 38

As expected by a skill named Smoke Screen, this conceals you and allies that are near to you for a period of time. When in this state, you can not be attacked by enemies but the effect ends if you decide to fire.

This skill sounds amazing and you might think it could be perfect for PvP. However, it's easy to parse and can be canceled easily. For example, if you used Sentry to summon a turret, doing damage with it will make you visible again.

Spinning Chakram

  • Unlocks at level 47

Think of the Spinning Chakram as a boomerang. This skill shoots a chakram that damages all enemies in its path. It also causes damage to foes on its return path. If you are able to catch the Chakram when it comes back, its cooldown will reset. 

The Spinning Chakram skill is an interesting pick that can help you to clear groups of enemies faster. It shines more than other options thanks to the fact that you can use more than one skill while the chakram is on its path.


  • Unlocks at level 8

Strafe fulfills the power fantasy of jumping into the middle of a group of enemies before mowing them all down. By using this skill, you use a spin-attack that reduces your movement speed just a little bit. It's a channeling skill, so it will last as long as you have energy. Once you're out, that energy is recovered during the period the skill is not in use.

Strafe is a fun skill to use but it has the same problems as Impale, where it cancels when you try to do other actions. It works fine while leveling, so don’t worry if you are still at the beginning of the game though.


  • Unlocks at level 50

As expected from the last skill you unlock, Vengeance is super strong. The Demon Hunter receives a buff once this skill is activated which causes every basic attack to shoot 2 extra arrows, and increases your movement speed based on how many enemies are nearby up to ten times.

Vengeance is a powerful buff that you should keep in your arsenal for PvP and PvE. There are few reasons not to use it.

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter: Best Builds

A Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Double Vengeance

  • Crossbow Shot (Primary)
  • Vengeance
  • Rain of Vengeance
  • Multishot
  • Spinning Chakram

Demon Hunter is a damage-focused class that excels in doing damage to a single target, but you can also clear groups of enemies if the damage is constant. Crossbow Shot will help you keep the distance you need to increase survivability while you use skills like Multishot and Spinning Chakram. Thanks to the movement you have with your basic attacks there is the possibility of luring enemies to an area where you will use Rain of Vengeance. And of course, keep Vengeance up whenever you can to maximize damage.


  • Crossbow Shot (Primary)
  • Vengeance
  • Daring Swing
  • Multishot
  • Knife Trap

Preparation and cleverness can work in your favor as a Demon Hunter, and with the power of Vengeance to boost your Crossbow Shot attacks, you've got plenty of damage already. Daring Swing giving you invulnerability and mobility will help keep you out of the reach of anything and anyone who chases you, and Knife Trap can be used to set up damage zones to lead your targets into as you retreat. Meanwhile, Multishot can be used on the run, which will help you win even the deadliest games of keep away.

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