Twitch Streamers will soon be able to stop banned viewers from watching entirely

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Twitch streamers will soon be able to not only block users from posting in their stream's chat channel but also from watching the stream altogether. This is all thanks to a new optional setting that's expected to drop in September. 

Whether you're a fan of the best RPGs or the best FPS games, Twitch is a great way to enjoy gaming content, whether you want to watch your favourite Twitch star  or just experience a game without the hassle of actually having to play it yourself. However, as with many online platforms, bad actors often come out of the woodwork to spoil everyone's fun with hateful or rude comments. 

Reported by Eurogamer, Twitch streamer Lowco noticed that they had access to new options that would block banned users from viewing their stream. Lowco took to Twitter to draw attention to these welcome new changes. Lowco also went into more detail about the feature, stating that it's "rolling out to everyone in September" and that it "works instantly."  

Though the feature does not currently prevent banned users from watching VODs or clips, Lowco implied that this could well change in the future, giving Twitch's content creators the ability to well-and-truly blacklist troublemakers.   

This additional security option comes as a breath of fresh air, especially in the wake of the recently added Hype Chat feature - a new addition that allows users to engage in microtransactions to essentially pin their messages to a streamer's chat channel. Fans and streamers voiced concern that this new feature would empower drama-stirring "chat hoppers", offering trolls and bad actors a stronger platform to cause trouble. 

In order to cultivate a sustainable community, Twitch has the unenviable job of balancing the autonomy of viewers with the agency of content creators. While Hype Chat perhaps marks a step too far toward giving viewers free rein, the introduction of these new banning options may well go some way to redressing the balance, giving content creators more say in who can and cannot enjoy their work. 

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