The upcoming Do You Know Gaming card game looks like the perfect way to test your gaming knowledge

Do You Know gaming trivia card game
(Image credit: Lost in Cult)

The popular gaming channel Did You Know Gaming, which creates insightful trivia videos for an audience of over two million subscribers, has teamed up with boutique design studio Lost in Cult to create a new gaming card game.

Titled Do You Know Gaming, Lost in Cult has taken full advantage of the channel’s expert gaming knowledge to craft a novel dungeon-crawler-inspired multiplayer card game. With more than 463 cards (including 223 large tarot-sized cards) and heaps of original artwork, it seems like a real treat for trivia fans and gamers alike.

The project is set to ship next year, with pre-orders open via the Lost in Cult website until January 16, 2024. A handful of different editions are currently available, with the standard edition (roughly $50 / £39.99) including the cards, a rule book, and a set of counters. The more expensive deluxe edition (roughly $125 / £99.99 comes in a special box with an additional insert, alongside four A3 player mats, four D10 dice counters, and three enamel pin badges.

You can upgrade to the limited signed edition of the deluxe version, adorned with the signatures of the Did you Know Gaming Team, for an additional $60 / £50. Although the game includes 18 unique playable characters, the most expensive “design your own card” edition (roughly $310 / £249.99) includes everything from the deluxe edition plus an A3 poster as well as all you need to create your own custom player character or boss card.

There are also going to be several crossover cards added to the deck depending on certain funding milestones. This includes collaborations with indie games like Cult of the Lamb and popular gaming content creators like Caddicarus.

Even if these are unfamiliar names, however, the game includes three separate difficulty levels that should help make it accessible to everyone, from the most casual players to die-hard gaming fans.

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