Spider-Man 2 community director promises to correct Miles' flag

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 screenshot featuring Miles Morales and Peter Parker
(Image credit: Insomniac Games)

Some players have discovered that a flag hanging in hero Miles Morale's home in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is the flag of Cuba - a problem given that Miles isn't Cuban. 

In Marvel's Spider-Man 2, players get to spend more and more time with Miles as he and Peter Parker fight various villains from the web-slinging universe. In the downtime, we get to see Miles in his family home, which is exactly where players spotted this small error. 

As a Twitter user observed, the flag that hangs in his living room is the flag of Cuba, while Miles and his family are actually from Puerto Rico. The flags do have some similarities between them, in all fairness, as the Cuban flag is a red triangle with blue stripes, and the Puerto Rican flag is a blue triangle with red lines. Still, this design is off the money.

The director of community at developer Insomniac Games, James Steveson, confirmed via Twitter that the developers are currently working to fix this mistake in a future patch. Responding to a tweet in which a player points out this mishap, Steveson simply replies, "Fix is coming for that". 

Luckily, this problem hasn't plagued the entire game, as you can see the Puerto Rican flag on Miles' alternate suit in its proper colours. There are also tons of other fantastic suits for you to enjoy. These include but are not limited to, the Evolved Suit, the Into The Spider-Verse Suit, and the Great Responsibility Suit, which all showcase a different and fantastic side of the up-and-coming superhero. 

There are also some other updates that will be added to Spider-Man 2 down the line. Insomniac has previously announced that it is currently working on a New Game Plus mode, which will let players replay sections of the superhero game. 

Despite the flag errors, Spider-Man 2 is still the fastest-selling PlayStation Studios game, managing to sell over 2.5 million copies in just 24 hours. 

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