Escape from Tarkov has completely changed its most annoying quest

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Good news, Escape from Tarkov fans: the game’s most annoying quest is no more. Well, it’s still included by name, but its most infuriating aspect has thankfully been sent into the sun, hopefully never to be seen again.

The quest in question is ‘A Shooter Born In Heaven’. Prior to Tarkov’s latest patch (0.13.5, which was released last week), the quest required players to eliminate a certain number of enemies from a set distance. As NME reports, originally, players had to take out three private military contractor (PMC) enemies at a distance of 100m or more across four specific locations. Sadly for anyone with a hatred of long-range weapons, the devs then decided to up the ante, and this requirement was later altered to 125m or more, making it even harder.

As of the new patch, 'A Shooter Born In Heaven' mercifully doesn’t have any objectives centered around the distance of your shots. Now, players must take to the Streets of Tarkov, Shoreline, Woods, Reserve, Customs, Lighthouse, and Interchange, where they’re tasked with taking out five PMC operatives with headshots while using the bolt-action rifle. To be clear, that’s five enemies in each location, for a total of 35 eliminations, so it’s still not the speediest quest in the world, but the change to its objective will surely be a relief to some.

Escape from Tarkov’s new patch also wiped players’ progress for the first time this year - everyone’s inventories, stats, mission progress, and skills have been totally reset. If you’ve been playing Tarkov for a while, the concept of the wipe obviously won’t be anything new to you, but it’d be understandable if newer players were feeling a bit glum about the loss of their progress. At least it’ll be easier to get 'A Shooter Born in Heaven' completed again this time, though.

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