Dave the Diver developer’s upcoming sci-fi game gets a name, with a playable demo coming soon

Key art for Wakerunners.
(Image credit: Mintrocket)

Mintrocket, the studio behind Dave the Diver and the upcoming zombie survival game Nakwon: Last Paradise, has announced the name of its mysterious sci-fi team battle game, previously known as Project TB.

Announced today, Project TB has been revealed as the game Wakerunners. A new trailer has shown off the fast-paced in-game action players can look forward to, as well as the cast of characters they’ll be able to play as. You can take a look below. 

A press release describes Wakerunners as “a 4v4 and 5v5 action game set in a dystopian sci-fi future.” Earth has become ravaged, and is now the set piece for battles between “surviving factions.” As shown in the trailer, players will have to navigate battle arenas quickly to take on their foes effectively, making use of “a unique acceleration and deceleration mechanic.”

What’s more, each of the playable characters will boast a unique battle style, with different abilities to experiment with. Players will be able to switch between them freely during battles, which sounds like it’ll help keep combat spicy.

If you’re at all interested in Wakerunners, then you’re in luck almost immediately, as it’s also been confirmed that during Steam Next Fest 2024 (which is set to kick off on February 5 and run until February 12), a free demo will be available to download and play. There’ll be a variety of game modes to try, not to mention seven playable characters to switch between. On February 5, players will be able to dive into the action from 1pm ET / 10am PT / 6pm GMT (which is February 6 at 5am AEDT). 

It's also not been confirmed yet when exactly we can expect the full launch of Wakerunners, but it's certainly one to keep an eye on.

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