Crusader Kings 3: Legacy of Persia is launching in November

Crusader Kings 3: Legacy of Persia flavor pack.
(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

It’s been confirmed that Crusader Kings 3’s latest Flavor Pack, Legacy of Persia, will be releasing next month - on November 9, to be exact. 

The news was announced in a trailer today (October 11), which you can watch below. The pack is available as part of Crusader Kings 3: Chapter 2 - a bundle of content full of add-ons for one of the best PC strategy games around.

“This Crusader Kings 3 Flavor Pack lets you relive the dramatic struggle for survival and empire in the lands between the Euphrates and the Indus,” reads the Legacy of Persia synopsis on Steam. “With special attention to the culture and history of medieval Persia, this add-on to Paradox's award winning strategy role-playing game introduces new systems for Clan government rulers, and expands on the Islamic and Zoroastrian religions dominant in the region at the time.”

As well as the addition of more buildings, interactions, and decisions to make for Persian rulers, the pack will add new Iranian traditions (such as Court Scholars) and eight new music tracks. Persian buildings have been redesigned, and Persian characters have also been given new clothing.

For those unfamiliar, the other add-ons in Chapter 2 are the Tours and Tournaments expansion (which introduced, believe it or not, Tournaments to the game, as well as Grand Weddings and the ability to bestow honors on knights) and the Wards and Wardens event pack, which focuses on child rulers and guardians, with the ability to shape the personalities and abilities of the important youngsters. Also included is Elegance of the Empire - a clothing pack with some swanky robes, dresses, and crowns based on Emperor Henry II and Empress Cunigunde’s regalia. 

Chapter 2's other three add-ons are available to download now.

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