New Detective Pikachu trailer reveals October release date

Detective Pikachu on a bed
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Detective Pikachu Returns finally has a release date, along with more information on the upcoming game's features. 

Detective Pikachu Returns is the sequel in a series where players can work alongside Pikachu to uncover and solve mysteries. You can pre-order this RPG now on the Nintendo eShop for $49.99/ £39.99/ AUS$79.75. The full game will be available to play on Nintendo Switch come October 6. 

Working alongside Tim and all his friends, you'll get to interrogate Pokémon and people alike. Everyone's available to help in your quest for the truth, whether that be Growlithe and its excellent sense of smell or Darmanitan and its explosive strength

The newest trailer for Detective Pikachu Returns gives players a closer look at the in-game footage of this mysterious title. While the graphics seem to be nothing to write home about, Detective Pikachu is as adorable as ever. 

The world also seems fleshed out with a ton of various characters that are available to interrogate and ask for help. But it's not just all talk. You also have to use your head as you investigate crime scenes and look for clues. 

The first Detective Pikachu game was a gritty reboot full of caffeine and catcalling. The 2016 version saw the origin of the titular character as players saw the once-happy Pikachu munching on apples harden after a tragic car accident. 

It was a peculiar game full of bloody and dead Pokemon and a pretty aggressive version of the usually cute and cuddly yellow pocket monster. While it's pretty hard to get a hold of today, you can watch two hours of the original title via GameXplain's YouTube channel

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