Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's DLC includes an easy way to get infinite money, but there’s a catch

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Pokémon players have uncovered an incredibly easy way to generate an infinite amount of money in Scarlet and Violet’s new DLC, The Teal Mask, but it takes so long to do that I’m not sure why anyone would actually want to do it. 

In the DLC’s new area, Kitakami, players are able to endlessly purchase Syrupy Apples from an unmanned hut in the Mossfell Confluence. For those unfamiliar, this is the item which is required to evolve the cute lil’ Dragon-type apple Pokémon, Applin, into its fresh-faced second-stage form, Dipplin. 

It makes sense that you’re able to grab as many of these as you want, of course, in case anyone (understandably) wants to create their own army of candy apple dragons. However, as has been pointed out by YouTuber Freezai on Twitter, these evolutionary items actually sell for more than you buy them for. 

Specifically, one Syrupy Apple costs a respectable 500 Pokédollars (for reference, that’s the same cost as five regular Pokéballs). However, if you then take that same Syrupy Apple and sell it at a Poké Mart, you’ll be handed 550 back. Therefore, repeating this will allow you to quite literally print in-game money, and all it takes is a few transactions.

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Easy money, right? Well, yes, but this method is also wildly inefficient. Presumably since these weren’t items that the developers expected anyone to be buying in bulk, players can only buy one Syrupy Apple at a time. This means that for each one bought, they’ll have to mash through the same boxes of dialogue, over and over again. Not only that, but a 50 Pokédollar profit really isn’t that much. All in all, it’s a very time-consuming method which doesn’t actually rake in a very large reward.

If your wallet in Scarlet and Violet is looking a little empty, one good way to rack up some more money is by completing Tera Raids, since items like Nuggets are often awarded at the end. These rarer items can be sold for large amounts of cash, and will get you rich much faster than Kitakami’s humble apple treats.

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