Netflix is running tests to bring video games to your PC, Mac and TV

A screenshot of Oxenfree.
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Netflix is experimenting with the idea of bringing video games to more platforms via a limited beta test, which is currently accessible to select members in Canada and the UK.

Video games were added to Netflix back in 2021 - right now, every paying Netflix member, regardless of their subscription tier, can get free access to a plethora of titles, including Oxenfree and its recently released sequel, Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, Before Your Eyes, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge. However, up to this point, they were only playable on mobile devices.

Announced yesterday (August 14) by the vice president of games at Netflix, Mike Verdu, a small number of Netflix members in Canada and the UK can currently try out playing Oxenfree and Molehew’s Mining Adventure on select TVs thanks to a limited beta, which aims to test out Netflix’s “game streaming technology and controller”. The controller? Your mobile phone. 

Initially, TV gaming will operate solely on select devices. Right now, that includes Samsung Smart TVs, Roku devices (and TVs), LG TVs, Chromecast on Google TVs, Walmart ONN, NVIDIA Shield TVs, and Amazon Fire TV streaming media players. More will be added to that line-up in the future, however.

What’s more, in coming weeks, the limited beta test will expand to supported browsers on PC and Mac, where members will be able to play the titles using a mouse and keyboard.

“By making games available on more devices, we hope to make games even easier to play for our members around the world,” Verdu wrote in a post via Netflix Newsroom. “While we’re still very early in our games journey, we’re excited to bring joy to members with games. We look forward to hearing feedback from our beta testers and sharing more as we continue on the road ahead.”

Netflix hopes that the test will ultimately “improve the member experience over time”.

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Catherine Lewis
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