Lies of P's achievement list teases the names of the bosses we'll encounter - and they sound terrifying

Pinocchio coming up against a mutated boss in Lies of P
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There's not long to go now, granted, but if you're desperate to know more about Soulslike-crossed-with-Pinocchio Lies of P, I have good news – the full trophy/achievement list is now available.

Naturally, if you're looking to go into Lies of P unsullied by spoilers so that your experience is as pure as possible, you probably should look away now. 

For everyone else, the list below not only gives us the names of all the key bosses you'll encounter, but also hints at how many endings the game will have, as well as hint at some of the game's gameplay mechanics, collectibles, and more. You have been warned.

It's also possible that the list contains information about the NPCs you'll encounter during your journey, too.

  • Lies of P: Obtain all trophies.
  • Real boy: They all lived happily ever after: [Real boy: They all lived happily ever after] Reach the ending.
  • Free from the puppet string: [Free from the puppet string] Reach the ending.
  • Rise of P: [Rise of P] Reach the ending.
  • The First Puppet: Kill the Nameless Puppet
  • Strongest Normal Weapon: Strengthen a normal weapon to its max level.
  • Strongest Special Weapon: Strengthen a special weapon to its max level.
  • Strongest Legion Arm: Modify a Legion Arm to its max level.
  • Extreme Potential: Activate P-Organ to Phase 5.
  • Pianist of Krat: Play a perfect tune on the piano at Hotel Krat.
  • Legion Arm Collector: Collect all Legion Arms.
  • Special Weapon Collector: Collect all special weapons.
  • Normal Weapon Collector: Collect all normal weapons.
  • Golden Melody: Collect and play all records.
  • Learning about Emotions: Learn all gestures.
  • Veteran Explorer: Decipher all cryptic vessels and claim the rewards.
  • End of Riddles: Discover all Trinity Sanctums.
  • First Lie: Tell a lie in front of Hotel Krat Entrance.
  • Stargazer’s Guide: Repair a Stargazer.
  • Exploring Possibilities: Try to assemble a weapon.
  • The Ultimate Defense Technique: Destroy an enemy’s weapon with a perfect guard.
  • Fatal Blow: Deliver a successful Fatal Attack.
  • The Bastards and the Sweepers: Kill a Stalker.
  • Parade Master: Kill the Parade Master.
  • Scrapped Watchman: Kill the Scrapped Watchman.
  • King’s Flame: Kill King’s Flame, Fuoco.
  • Fallen Archbishop: Kill the Fallen Archbishop Andreus.
  • The Delayed Match: Kill the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
  • King of Puppets: Kill Romeo, King of Puppets.
  • The Champion of Evolution: Kill Champion Victor.
  • Puppet-Devouring Green Monster: Kill the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster.
  • Corrupted Parade Master: Kill the Corrupted Parade Master.
  • Revenge of Black: Kill the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
  • The Complete One: Kill Laxasia the Complete.
  • The Awakened God: Kill the Awakened God Simon Manus.
  • Bear Gold Coin Fruit: Harvest Gold Coin Fruit.
  • From Across the Rift: Kill all types of Dimensional Butterflies.
  • The Story of the Prince: Find out about the last story of Venigni.
  • The Story of the Refined Old Lady: Find out about the last story of Antonia.
  • The Story of the One Who Dreamed: Find out about the last story of Simon Manus.
  • The Story of One Father: Find out about the last story of Geppetto.
  • The Story of a Stranger Girl: Find out about the last story of Eugénie.
  • The Story of the Blue Butterfly: Find out about the last story of Sophia.

Trophy/achievement website PowerPyx – which first reported the list a few days back – also confirmed that PlayStation players will be able to unlock one platinum, three gold, 13 silver, and 26 bronze trophies if they 100 per cent Lies of P.

Were you one of the million players who recently tried out Lies of P? According to the game's official X/Twitter account, over a million people have downloaded the Souls-like adventure across PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam. Lies of P’s official Twitter account also highlighted that the game – which is based upon the deeply unsettling Pinocchio story (tell me I'm not the only one who had nightmares from even the Disney version?) – hit the top three Twitter trends globally and reached 170,000 peak concurrent viewers on Twitch across all streamers checking out the game.

The Lies of P demo is sadly no longer available, but these are already some impressive stats for a new IP that isn’t launching until September 19. When it does, though, you’ll also be able to play the entire game on day one through Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost. 

Lies of P will have you delving into a city plagued by chaos upon its launch on September 19 on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. This twisted interpretation of Pinocchio will have you fighting your way through Krat while unearthing the grim reality of the tale we all know and love, challenging you all the while depicting hidden symbols and secrets around you to make sense of the fragile world.

Here's everything we know about Lies of P so far.

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