When is the next Lego Fortnite update?

Three Lego Fortnite characters stand looking out over its vast open world. The one in the centre waves at the camera
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What's new in Lego Fortnite?

Coachella-themed Lego characters against a yellow and orange background.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Now that vehicles have been properly added to Lego Fortnite, players have been busy building everything from huge cargo trucks to lightning-fast racers. Looking ahead, Epic Games has started to tease a Lego Fortnite x Coachella collaboration.

Lego Fortnite launched late last year, and ever since, the survival/building game has been regularly updated with new content. We've seen vehicles added, as well as a steady stream of new Outfits and items to keep players ticking over.

In many ways, Lego Fortnite is considered a separate game from the base Fortnite battle royale experience. While it may live inside Fortnite's launcher, it offers a very different experience that's more akin to a survival-crafting game like Minecraft.

Players start out with nothing and must farm resources to gradually build up their Camp, unlocking new items and technology in the process. In our initial Lego Fortnite review, we praised the game's devilishly more-ish progression loop, as well as its gorgeous open-world design.

Here's when to expect the next Lego Fortnite update, as well as some info on what was added in the most recent patch. Expect this page to be updated regularly, given how often Epic Games continues to tweak the brick-based survival game.

When is the next Lego Fortnite update?

The Aiphorian and Eclipse Lego styles side by side against a lilac background

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games has yet to reveal the next major update for Lego Fortnite, which makes sense as we had one so recently (March 26). Lego skins continue to arrive in-game regularly however, with the most recent being the Aiphorian and Eclipse styles in collaboration with Nike. There's also a skin from the upcoming Free Guy movie, so expect plenty more collaborations in the coming weeks.

What was added in the last Lego Fortnite update?

The Speeder vehicle against a blue background

(Image credit: Epic Games)

On March 26, 2024, Lego Fortnite added the Mechanical Mayhem update. This introduces a whole host of new vehicles into the game, as well as some new Styles and Skins. Here's a brief overview of what was added:

  • Three free vehicle Builds: Speeder, Offroader and Hauler
  • Ability to build customized vehicles, using new Vehicle Parts in the Toys section
  • New Toys to create vehicles including Wheels, Seats and Power Centers
  • More LEGO Styles added and a variety of bug fixes

For a full breakdown of what was added in the last major Lego Fortnite update, be sure to head over to the Fortnite blog. Alternatively, you can check out the trailer below:

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