League of Geeks founding member and art director Adam Duncan has died

A screenshot from Armello.
(Image credit: League of Geeks)

Adam Duncan, art director and “founding member” of Australian game studio League of Geeks, has died.

The news was confirmed in a statement by the studio posted late Sunday (February 11), in which Duncan was described as a “dear friend” who was “dedicated” to his “beloved craft.”

“We are saddened to announce the passing of our dear friend, colleague and long-term collaborator, Adam Duncan,” the statement reads. “Adam was a founding member of League of Geeks, respected art director, concept artist and animator. His stunning illustrations and character designs gave our projects a unique and joyful spirit, packed with heart. His wonderful sense of humor and gentle humility flowed throughout all his work, into our games, and into the hearts and minds of millions of players.

“Adam dedicated himself to his beloved craft and we consider ourselves so incredibly lucky and forever grateful that he transported us all to those beautiful worlds he dreamed. We’ll miss you.”

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During his time at League of Geeks, Duncan produced artwork used in the digital strategy board game Armello, as well as concept art for grand strategy game Solium Infernum and roguelike management sim Jumplight Odyssey.

Other League of Geeks employees have been paying tribute to Duncan on social media. Studio director Trent Kusters wrote: “There aren’t many people you could envision working alongside every day for the rest of your life. Adam was one of them. A gentle giant, in stature, temperament and talent. What I would give for one more project, one more dinner, one more chat. Love you, buddy.”

League of Geeks co-founder and director Blake Mizzi described working with Duncan as an “absolute privilege.” He posted: “I cherish the time we were flat mates and got to enjoy the simple things together. I struggle to believe you're gone.”

The same sentiment was echoed by co-founder Ty Carey, who called Duncan his “friend and creative collaborator in life.” He added: “Despite his massive talent, he was a gentle, evolved human who naturally only considered the people around him.”

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