House Flipper 2 dev promises bug fixes and the cutest little plant pots we've ever seen

House Flipper 2 plant pots
(Image credit: Frozen District)

House Flipper 2 developer Frozen District has released its first post-launch 'Status Report,' detailing the state of the game and some plans for the near future.

While both the team and community are largely happy with the state of House Flipper 2's launch, Frozen District acknowledges that there's further work to be done. "The biggest quest for us at the moment is gathering, analyzing, and evaluating all this feedback," the Steam post reads. "That's something we've been doing for the last couple of weeks, and we already have an idea of what the priority list looks like for us.

"Currently, we're definitely focusing our attention on bugs, especially the ones that are blocking some players from playing House Flipper 2." The post then goes on to cite a handful of issues with saving that are either erasing progress or preventing players from saving entirely. 

The post also makes note of an infinite scrolling bug, as well as the absence of housing items like curtains and blinds, as well as "the beloved Before/After" mechanic that, in the first game, let players preview how an item looks before committing to placement. The post then states that the first hotfix will "come next week if everything goes smoothly."

It wasn't all bugs and missing features, though, as the House Flipper 2 team is already working on its Spring Content Update. This update looks to add a whole bunch of new items, and the post teases objects like hair dryers and straighteners, buckets and spades for the beach, as well as the most adorable plant pots I've seen in any game, period.

No release date has been given for the Spring Content Update as of yet, but the clue's in the name; expect it to arrive likely sometime between the months of March and June this year.

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