Helldivers 2's heavy enemies may be getting nerfed in future, according to community manager

Three Helldivers in armor from the Cutting Edge Warbond
(Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios)

Helldivers 2's ongoing co-op campaign of galactic conquest has been garnering a lot of attention lately.

However, player reception of recent updates to the co-op sci-fi shooter has caused developer Arrowhead Game Studios to reconsider its approach when it comes to the game's heavier armored enemies. 

In a post on the Helldivers 2 Discord, community manager Spitz made the following statement: "“Hell-o, Divers! I wanted to take a moment this afternoon to let you all know that we've heard your concerns over the last few days regarding enemy spawns, enemy armor, and the ability to kill these enemies. As we've said before, our teams are always taking in player feedback and looking at how we can tweak the game to ensure that it is fair, enjoyable, and provides the best experience for everyone" (via IGN). 

Spitz continued: “I can confirm that we're currently looking at changes to the spawn rates and health pools of heavy enemies, and will be attempting to spread them out more to prevent large spikes of tougher mobs appearing at the same time, as well as making them a bit easier to bring down. This change should go out in a future hotfix - no date as of yet.”

While we're not sure exactly when these changes will hit or exactly what form they will take, it's gratifying to know that Arrowhead is willing to listen to player feedback when it comes to tweaking Helldivers 2

In other news, Helldivers 2 players are currently mobilized in an ongoing battle to unlock access to mechs. In order to gain access to full-on mech suits, players will have to conquer the world of Tien Kwan. Should they fail, however, the release of this technology will be delayed and the Automotons - one of the enemy factions in Helldivers 2 - will gain access to the suits for themselves.   

Hopefully, Arrowhead's transparent attitude towards updates will keep the community energized for years to come.

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