PDP announces REALMz collectible controllers at Gamescom 2023, and they look awesome

PDP REALMz Sonic Controller
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TechRadar Gaming is reporting live from Gamescom 2023 on the latest and greatest developments in gaming and hardware.

Controller manufacturer PDP is at Gamescom 2023 and introducing its REALMz lineup of collectible headsets and controllers.

REALMz is a brand new set of controllers from the brand, and what sets them apart from the best Nintendo Switch controllers and best Xbox controllers is that each REALMz pad and headset features a collectible figure, embedded behind the see-through casing.

Controllers and the Sonic the Hedgehog headset will be available to pre-order from August 25. On Nintendo Switch, buyers can choose from a wired ($39.99) or wireless option ($59.99). The REALMz Wired Headset for Nintendo Switch will also cost $39.99. Meanwhile, an Xbox variant of the REALMz controller will set you back $49.99. UK and Australian pricing haven’t been announced.

So far, PDP has partnered with Sega, Hasbro, and Nintendo for controllers and headsets featuring characters from Sonic the Hedgehog, Transformers, and Pikmin 4 respectively. “The biggest feature with REALMz is the collectible,” explained Michael Lai, PDP director of product marketing. “We’re trying to merge collectability with gaming, which is why we came up with REALMz.”

The prospect is a decent fit for PDP, who have prior experience in gaming collectibles and toys-to-life gaming, being the manufacturer behind the Disney Infinity figurines from a few years back. The brand “also created some of the first Nintendo DS styluses, back in the day,” CEO Brad Wildes added.

The REALMz controllers and branding are clearly aimed at a younger audience, and their relative affordability should make them decent gift options for younger gamers. Though I must say, I’m very partial to those Sonic controllers, especially the Knuckles one.

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