Until Dawn arrives on PS5 and PC this year with new locations, third-person camera and more

A screenshot from the Until Dawn PS5 and PC trailer.
(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Ballistic Moon / Supermassive Games)

It’s been confirmed that Supermassive Games’ 2015 horror game Until Dawn is getting an enhanced PlayStation 5 version, and it’s set to be released on PC, too.

In case you were unfamiliar, Until Dawn follows the tale of eight friends trapped in a spooky, remote mountain retreat, in a story that’s influenced by the player’s decisions. The choices you make can make all the difference when it comes to deciding who lives and who dies, with loads of possible paths to take along the way. The concept is similar to that of The Quarry, which was also developed by Supermassive, but released in 2022 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. 

Unlike The Quarry, Until Dawn only ever released for PlayStation 4, meaning that many gamers have likely missed out on it entirely. This new enhanced version, which is being rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5 by Ballistic Moon, is sure to open the horror title up to more players than ever before.

As well as upgraded animations and visuals, the game has been given a brand new score by horror composer Mark Korven. Not only that, but a fresh third-person camera perspective means players will be able to look at the game in a whole new way. There’ll be new locations to wander around and collectibles to gather up, too. 

“We’ve endeavored to keep the fantastic narrative integratory of the original, but we have seized the opportunity to expand upon unexplored emotional parts of the story,” Ballistic Moon creative director Neil McEwan said in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Until Dawn is set to release on PS5 on and PC later this year, but it's not been given an exact release window yet.

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