Twitch is increasing the price of channel subscriptions for the first time ever in March

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Twitch has announced it will increase the price of channel subscriptions for the first time next month.

In a detailed blog post published on February 20, Twitch revealed that starting March 28, it will be updating the cost of Tier 1 subscriptions and gift subs on the website in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, as well as all three tiers of subscription and gif sub prices in Turkey. You can take a look at the price changes below.

"Twitch streamers rely on our monetization tools to reach their goals and build their communities," Twitch explains. "Subscriptions are one of the most important ways that viewers support their favorite channels. We have not increased channel sub prices since their inception, and many markets saw reduced prices in 2021. 

This year, we are updating prices in several countries to help streamer revenue keep pace with rising costs and reflect local currency fluctuations." 

Twitch added that existing subscriptions will automatically renew at the new price, and subscribers will be notified via email about the upcoming change. It says it has no plans to change the price of Tier 2 or Tier 3 subscriptions or gift subs in Australia, Canada, or the UK.

"Subscriptions are one of the most reliable ways viewers can support the streamers they love," Twitch said. "We are increasing subscription prices to drive more revenue to our streamers and help make streaming a more sustainable business for them."

The company added that the price increase will also allow streamers to earn more per subscription and that it anticipates there will be more price changes for other countries sometime this year. 

Tier 1

United Kingdom

Current Price - £3.99

New Price - £4.99


Current Price - A$7.99

New Price - A$8.99


Current Price - C$6.99

New Price - C$7.99


Tier 1: 

Current Price - TRY9.90

New Price - TRY43.90

Tier 2: 

Current Price - TRY19.99

New Price - TRY87.90

Tier 3:

Current Price - TRY49.99

New Price - TRY215.90

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