This obscure Atari computer is getting a mini version this year with 25 built-in games

Atari THE400 Mini console and joystick
(Image credit: Atari / Retro Games Ltd / Plaion)

Miniature console specialist Retro Games Ltd. has announced that it will soon release 'THE400 Mini' console, a a tiny, HD-ready version of the Atari 400 microcomputer that packs in 25 classic Atari titles.

In partnership with Plaion, which created the Atari 2600+ console which we received quite warmly, Retro Games Ltd. announced via Facebook that THE400 Mini will release worldwide on March 28, 2024. The miniature console is available to pre-order now over on its store page, and will run you $119.99 / £99.99 (around AU$179).

THE400 Mini is a compact, plug-and-play system that hooks up to your TV or monitor via HDMI, outputting a 720p image with options for either 50Hz or 60Hz refresh rates. The console also comes bundled with a recreation of the iconic Atari CX-40 joystick. However, the console will be compatible with other gamepads and even keyboards thanks to its five on-board USB ports.

Those hoping for a physical, cartridge-based experience a la the Atari 2600+ may be disappointed, though. THE400 Mini instead relies on emulation, but does ship with 25 games pre-installed on the device. These include classics like Berzerk!, Millipede and Miner 2049er. Players are also able to add even more compatible titles by plugging in a USB stick.

Quality-of-life additions include a rewind mode that lets you backtrack up to 30 seconds; helpful if you're looking to erase mistakes and keep progression going during casual play. Players can also make use of up to four save states per game should you wish to take a break and return to games at a later point in time.

One last thing to note, however, is that the box for THE400 Mini does not ship with a power adapter, so buyers will need to have a portable one on hand in order to plug it into the mains via the included USB power cable.

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