Sonic Superstars gets new gameplay trailer and October release date

Sonic Superstars screenshot
(Image credit: Sega)

It's been announced that Sonic Superstars will launch on October 17 for PS5PS4Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneNintendo Switch, and PC, meaning we don't have too long before we can jump into the next adventure with everyone's favorite hedgehog. 

The reveal came alongside a brand-new gameplay trailer showcasing Sonic and friends zooming through a variety of stunning 2D levels, similar to the few trailers we have seen for the game earlier this year. As the first all-original title since 2017, there's a lot resting on the shoulders of the release, and there's a high chance it could become one of the best Sonic games when it does arrive later this year.  

Sonic Superstars was originally announced at Summer Game Fest in June and showcased the series returning to its roots with a 2D side-scrolling action adventure, alongside featuring multiple playable characters such as Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. As previously revealed, players will be able to take on the title alongside up to three other friends in local co-op or take their journey online to match with other players from around the globe, as stated in the new multiplayer trailer which can be seen below:

Alongside traveling through standard 2D side-scrolling Sonic levels, it seems as though you and your companions will be able to take part in mini-games as some of Sonic's best characters, such as a pixelated Rocket Race, or you'll be able to take part in a frenzied battle mode by creating your own battle bot and going head to head with your opponents. 

In our Sonic Superstars preview, we declared that Sonic Superstars "feels intuitive and varied," and that "Boss fights feel close to the Sonic the Hedgehog standard too." So for fans of the series, there's a lot to look forward to, especially now we have a concrete release date. 

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