Smite 2 devs say they’ll never run out of content: ‘There’s a lot of gods in the world, man’

A selection of gods (playable characters) as seen in a pre-alpha screenshot of Smite 2.
(Image credit: Hi-Rez Studios)

Smite 2 is on the way, and according to the developers, fans can look forward to even more highly requested gods (playable characters) joining the fray, with no chance of the team running out of new content ideas.

The sequel to Titan Forge Games’ eternally popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) was announced during the Smite World Championships on Friday (January 12), and it’s expected to enter alpha testing sometime this spring, but an exact date is yet to be announced. Although only a limited number of Smite’s 129-god roster will be available to play at first, this is set to increase over time, with more brand-new gods like Hecate set to join the roster, too.

With well over 100 playable characters in Smite already, you could imagine that it’d be a daunting task to set out developing a sequel with even more unique gods. However, in an interview with TechRadar Gaming (TRG), Titan Forge Games tells us that there are absolutely no concerns that the team is ever going to run out of content. 

“There's a lot of gods and there's a lot of Pantheons [groups of gods like Norse, Greek, and Celtic] that we haven't even touched on yet that we talk about all the time,” Smite’s executive producer, Alex Cantatore, says.

Cantatore also brings up the fact that Smite’s community hosts a poll on Reddit every year discussing their most anticipated gods, “and there’s always at least 50 gods on that list.”

“So there's a lot of gods out there,” he continues. “With Smite 2 we’re looking to continue to push to new Pantheons, to some long-awaited community-requested gods, like Hecate is the most community-requested right now. And yeah, there's a lot of gods in the world, man.”

“There’s thousands, thousands,” adds Titan Forge Games’ general manager, Travis Brown. “And the game would be [unbalanced] if we got anywhere close to that number. So no, we’re never going to run out of content to add to the game, for sure.”

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Catherine Lewis
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