Resident Evil 4 remake's Separate Ways DLC finally launches next week

Resident Evil 4 remake Ada Wong
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The Resident Evil 4 remake's anticipated Separate Ways DLC campaign finally has a release date, and it's as soon as next week.

Announced during PlayStation's most recent State of Play presentation, the Separate Ways expansion arrives in Resident Evil 4 on September 21, just under a week from now. Furthermore, PSVR 2 support was confirmed to arrive this "Winter," so expect it sometime between December and February of next year.

Resident Evil 4's horde-like Mercenaries mode will also receive an update on the day Separate Ways releases, adding fan-favorite characters Ada Wong and Albert Wesker to the roster of playable characters. While the DLC campaign will cost players $9.99 (around £7.99 / AU$15.99), the Mercenaries update will be provided at no extra cost.

Originally featured in the PS2 port of Resident Evil 4, the Separate Ways side campaign sees players take control of Ada Wong during the events of the main story. Her mission is to retrieve the Amber sample from the Los Illuminados cult, all while aiding protagonists Leon and Ashley from the shadows.

The version of Separate Ways found in the original title largely reused assets and locations from the main campaign, though it did feature a handful of new cutscenes and a unique boss fight, making it a fondly remembered side story for longtime fans of the series.

The remake looks to elevate Separate Ways to new heights, based on the scenes shown off in the trailer. All new story beats not seen in the original campaign will be present, making it feel more like its own thing and, hopefully, shedding new light on Ada's own motivations, especially in regards to teaming up with series big bad Albert Wesker.

Resident Evil 4 is among the best horror games to release in 2023. But if you're looking for another experience to tide you over until Separate Ways' release, consider checking out our list of the best single-player games.

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