Phasmophobia roadmap outlined with console release and updates coming 'as soon as they are ready'

Phasmophobia (Image credit: Kinetic Games)

Kinetic Games, the developer of the co-op psychological horror game Phasmophobia, has released a new roadmap outlining plans for the game in “2024 in beyond.” However, it has removed all expected launch dates from it with the promise that things will release “as soon as they are ready.”

Shared in a news post on the game’s Steam page yesterday (January 3), Kinetic Games gave some details on the updates expected to roll out for the early-access version of Phasmophobia before its eventual launch into 1.0. It noted, however, that since everything is still a work in progress, some things could change “drastically” between now and when they actually release. 

Despite the lack of release windows on the roadmap, Kinetic Games confirmed that the first update of 2024 will roll out at some point next week, which will coincide with the removal of the Holiday event. This will include an overhaul to lighting, new Screen Space Global Illumination settings and more. 

In future updates after that, players can also look forward to the addition of new tasks, player models and animations, player customization and more. A glimpse of the next new location within the game was also revealed, named Point Hope Lighthouse. The circular location includes a maintenance room, bathroom, and living room to hunt ghosts in.

This will all eventually accumulate in the full 1.0 release, by which time it’s expected that there’ll be new interactions, ghost models, and an overhaul to events. The developer clarified that the full launch “doesn't mean development for the game will cease, as we'd still like to add more equipment, ghosts and locations after 1.0 finally arrives!”

As for the console release of Phasmophobia, which was previously announced for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and delayed after a “fire incident” in the team’s office, this will also launch “as soon as it's ready.” It’s hoped that optimizations that the developers are planning to implement will “allow us to keep the game's graphical quality as close to PC as possible.”

Kinetic Games explained: “With the delay comes extra changes for console players on day one; the new and improved upcoming Shop experience, the upcoming adjustments to the leveling and equipment tiers, as well as minor balance changes. This will all result in console players getting the best experience as soon as they receive the game, instead of large portions of gameplay and progression changing just after it releases.”

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