Phasmophobia's console release has been delayed following "a fire incident"

From a first-person POV, the player looks at a tent in the darkness using the night vision of their video camera
(Image credit: Kinetic Games)

Genre-defining horror game Phasmophobia's console release has been delayed following a fire at the team's offices. 

In an exciting surprise reveal earlier this year, genre-defining horror game Phasmophobia announced that it would finally be coming to consoles with an early access release announced for later this year. 

However, a "fire incident" has hampered the team's efforts to get the console release out in August as planned, and consequently, the release date has slipped to Halloween.

"Due to a recent fire incident in our office building and unpredictable development issues, our ability to test and develop has been significantly impacted," Kinetic said in a statement posted to social media.

"After careful consideration, we have made the tough decision to delay the console release, initially set for August, while we get everything sorted. 

"We are now aiming for a special launch during the week leading up to Halloween this October. This gives us the needed time to perfect and fine-tune everything.

"Your patience and understanding mean everything to us, and we can't wait to bring Phasmophobia to consoles."

Phasmophobia has just received its “biggest update yet”, ushering in a new progression system and a raft of new in-game items. 

As well as a revamp of animations, Phasmophobia: Ascension – or Progression 2.0 as it’s also titled – refreshes almost everything seasoned ghosthunters are used to, including equipment, evidence, and a brand-new prestige setting that will wipe out your bank account and investigatory items every 100 levels in exchange for a new inventory slot.

When Phasmophobia finally does hunt you down on console, it will have all its 24 ghost types and 10 locations, with cross-play available to those wishing to cross the streams and play with friends who don't own a PC. 

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