Phasmophobia set to overhaul in-game content in its "biggest update yet"

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Kinetic Games has announced that Phasmophobia will be receiving its “biggest update yet” on August 17, which plans to target and refresh a huge number of in-game items and locations for a better user experience. 

Phasmophobia: Ascension, or Progression 2.0 as it’s also titled, plans to alter almost everything about the game. Aside from a general revamp of things like the truck you arrive in and character and ghost animations, there is a mass of new content being added to keep the game just as chilling. New evidence will be introduced, fresh locations are being added, and several new ghost types will make their way into the game, to name a few changes we can expect. 

In addition, an entirely new levelling system is being introduced to help make progress feel more rewarding. Equipment will be expanded across a tier system which you will need to level up during your playthrough. 

Between loadouts and successful hunting, you will need to upgrade your equipment across three tiers to make your missions more efficient. Because of this, equipment will also have capabilities restricted or enhanced depending on which tier you’re working with, resulting in the total number of equipment increasing from 20 to 60. 

The sheer scale of the update also means that any progress will be reset once the update is ruled out, so even well-seasoned ghost hunters will be taken back to level one. For those who have spent hours in the game unlocking new areas, fret not, as you will still be able to access any locations or difficulties you’ve unlocked in the previous version of the game, alongside receiving a badge to reflect where you left off prior to the update.

The full patch notes of the update are yet to be released, but the information we do have regarding the update suggests that there are a lot of key changes planned to shake up the experience while still maintaining the core mechanics of ghost hunting with your friends to make things even spookier. 

This new update might help Phasmophobia fall among the best horror games, but if you’re looking for a more friendly multiplayer experience, our list of best co-op games might offer some more approachable titles to share with your friends.  

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