Phasmophobia is finally coming to consoles with early access announced

I «Phasmophobia» kan det fort være at du møter på hyggelige typer med hudproblemer (Image credit: Kinetic Games)

In an exciting surprise announcement the genre-defining horror game Phasmophobia will be coming to consoles with early access announced for later this year.

In a typically creepy short trailer you can see a player walk through all the familiar sites we PC users are familiar with. However, this time the fun isn't tethered to those with a gaming PC, no, Phasmophobia is finally coming to consoles with cross platform update and early access announced.

Coming to Xbox Series X|S in August 2023, Phasmophobia will finally have all its 24 ghost types and 10 locations, with the option for cross play available to those wishing to cross boundaries and play with friends who don't own a PC. 

Since the title's release back in 2020 Phasmophobia has been exclusively a PC game. Since then the indie game has undergone massive changes, all which slowly made this horror title more terrifying and smooth to play. 

When I first jumped into the horrors that await you in Phasmophobia the title was still in beta and was an interesting hodge podge of your average horror tropes. At first the horror game was pretty janky as the four-man developer team tried out new features and ways of scaring our socks off. 

However, after a few years Phasmophobia looks and acts like a fully fledged horror title. No longer do the ghosts glitch into walls or get stuck in corners. Now there’s a multitude of various haunting types all coming with unique features and tell-tale signs. 

Phasmophobia isn’t just a worthy contender on our best horror games list but it’s also a brilliant horror VR game with its realistic locations, tools, and uneasy scares. 

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Elie Gould
Features Writer

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