New challenge levels and extra content will be coming to Astro Bot after launch

Astro Bot wearing a God of War inspired outfit.
(Image credit: Sony)

The upcoming PlayStation 5 platforming game Astro Bot is going to receive free downloadable content (DLC) after launch according to Nicolas Doucet, the studio head of developer Team Asobi.

This was revealed in a recent interview with IGN, where we were also given some hints as to what that DLC might entail. Doucet reportedly said that free DLC would be coming “soon” after the game launches on September 6. He explained that it will mainly focus on adding new challenge levels to the game, which are effectively bite-size platforming challenge sections, but will also contain a few other things.

He did not provide any details about what these mysterious other additions could be, but it’s definitely easy to speculate. We already know that Astro Bot will feature over 50 individual planets to explore, plus more than 150 PlayStation cameos to discover, and it’s not hard to imagine a future update adding more.

Astro Bot was first revealed in a State of Play showcase at the end of last month. A follow-up to the excellent Astro’s Playroom, which is included free of charge with every PS5 console, it will be much more substantial and introduce over 15 new abilities for you to master. Team Asobi has also said that the game will push the DualSense Wireless Controller "to a new level" by making full use of all of its unique hardware features including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. 

Everything we’ve heard about the game so far suggests that it might become one of the best PS5 games and best PS5 exclusives of the year.

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