Modern Warfare 3 bug isn't giving players daily challenge rewards - but a fix is coming

Modern Warfare 3
(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

Sledgehammer Games is currently working on a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 fix to address an issue that is preventing players from earning rewards for the completion of Daily Challenges.

Yesterday (November 13) some players of the recently released first-person shooter (FPS) began reporting issues surrounding the game's Daily Challenges feature, stating that the tasks are not being tracked properly in multiplayer mode, meaning players aren't able to receive rewards like XP (via GamesRadar).

Modern Warfare 3 has a new game mechanics called Armory Unlocks, which is the only way for players to receive some rewards like equipment, weapons, and access to new Killstreaks.

Considering that Armory Unlocks are directly linked to Daily Challenges, this is a significant problem that is currently impacting multiplayer as a whole. 

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This issue was pointed out on Twitter, where Sledgehammer Games have stated that it's at the top of its priority list when it comes to new fixes. Responding to the initial post, the developer is also asking players to report if they're having similar issues so that it can address them properly. 

In the same thread, Sledgehammer Games also shared what else is currently on its radar, including fixes for some more bugs like the EOD Padding (Gear) not mitigating incoming explosive damage as expected while another is causing players who choose a loadout with the Hijacked IFF Stobe Gear equipped to spawn with a seemingly randomized loadout.

Additionally, the Remote Turret has been temporarily disabled until Sledgehammer can resolve "an exploit giving players an unfair advantage" and an update is on its way to "significantly decrease" a delay in Tac-Sprint regeneration after sliding too.

Modern Warfare 3 launched last week and in our two-star review, our Editor-in-Chief Jake Tucker called the game "a mediocre half-sequel" to last year's Modern Warfare 2, arguing that the game "misses more than it hits". 

While its Zombies mode can be fun, "its awful campaign and a multiplayer that feels like a step back from the rest of the reimagined Modern Warfare trilogy."

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