Lords of the Fallen's roadmap reveals game's free content plan for the rest of the year

A player faces down an enemy riding a three-header Hell-beast in Lords of the Fallen
(Image credit: HEXWORKS)

Hexworks Studios has revealed the roadmap for Lords of the Fallen detailing what's to come for the remainder of the year.

The Soulslike action game just received its Halloween event, the Spirit of the Bleak Season, as well as a mob density reduction tweak, but the developer has already announced that players can expect even more updates to arrive before the end of 2023 "with continued support next year."

"At Hexworks, we’re incredibly proud of the open relationship we're fostering with our community," said studio head Saül Gascon. "We are actively listening to their constructive feedback and working diligently to deliver what we believe, collectively, will elevate Lords of the Fallen even further. Every addition to the game is a labor of love, as we strive to push both its and the genre’s boundaries."

In the roadmap, it was confirmed that a bunch of features will continue receiving ongoing weekly enhancements alongside new content, including game stability, performance, save game fixes, cooperative and PvP improvements, balancing, increased boss difficulty, and quality-of-life tweaks.

As for upcoming updates, Hexworks intends to improve the game's systems across the board. Some changes to expect include inventory space expansions, two separate spell packs - which is around 12 in total - gamepad rebinding, New Game Plus modifiers, and Split PvE and PvP balancing.

The game will also receive new Grievous Strikes, additional secret boss weapon abilities, and three new questlines and armor sets. The developer has already given players a glimpse of what to expect when it comes to these new sets, too with the Ubral, Rhogar, and Radiant sets all shown off as part of the roadmap.  

Update v.1.1.282 was released on November 4 and added over 100 enhancements, fixes, and tweaks. The patch made improvements to cooperative play, made PvP more diverse, and added some much-needed balancing changes. 

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